Special Bonds (with Animals)

     Anyone that considers themselves spiritual in any way has undoubtedly discovered their spirit animals and possibly Animal Totems, or has learned how to work with certain animal energies for Ego Alchemy. Regardless of what you do or don't work with, anyone with empathic abilities definitely feels a connection with animals. Personally, I found my feelings reached into recognizing their pain & struggles in this world - which you may easily identify with if you think about it. But bigger than this is the bond we share with our pets, and it's something I want to talk about more specifically here...

    Those that have known me for awhile know that my late dog, Teddy, had a special bond with me. His history was traumatic before I got him - a reason I went above and beyond for him - but there were some things that didn't become clear to me until after he passed in July 2020. However, I admit that I was reluctant to believe the information I was channeling was correct, so I ended up booking a session with one of my past teachers to help give me the clarity and validation I needed. But in order to paint this picture for YOU, I need to backtrack to give you some information.

    Back at the very beginning of 2019, I almost lost Teddy. He became incredibly ill and needed to stay in a makeshift ICU for a few days while vets worked to clear up the problems. I was so broken by the prospect of losing him that I prayed like crazy (which is something I never did before; I'm not religious and I didn't direct this toward any God), and I felt blessed that he ended up making it home with nothing but medications to be on. As he was given a chance to live for a while longer (he developed common senior problems that meant his time was now limited), I dived even further into my studies and training purely so I can see how I can help him.

    Later in 2019, as I was completing the High Priestess Ascension program and had a 1-on-1 with the teacher... she did some Akashic readings for me that became notable. She started seeing me in another life, not even noting why it was coming up, when it became clear to her that I used to take care of "discarded" barnyard animals. There was one sheep in particular that she saw me tending to, and it came to her that this sheep's soul is also Teddy. I was still on the fence about past lives, but something about it became undeniable - he was a dog that was prone to fighting & biting anything that invaded his space, but with me, he was a sweetheart that actually enjoyed receiving Reiki. My own husband was never able to touch him or bond with him in the same ways he allowed me.

    So naturally, I gave him my all knowing he was in the last stage of his life. But still, I recognize [now] that I still had trouble letting him go when the time came. I didn't want him to suffer, but I literally began to wonder how him not being in my life would change me as a person. Even with the confusion (mostly due to things these new vets never discussed with me - a regret I had to heal), I knew I had to elect to put him down at the first sign of trouble... and we did. But it killed me that it happened without me there (COVID kept us out of the hospital, and we went home upon being told he was doing okay on oxygen and could be stabilized), which is why I was so keen on communicating with Teddy's spirit...

    It took me a couple of days before I could compose myself enough to do it, and using a pendulum (asking simple yes or no questions) was the only way he could communicate back to me. Once he confirmed that he, in spirit, was lost and waiting for me at the hospital, it hit me hard. I didn't want to go back there yet, but I ended up making a special trip just to retrieve his belongings and "bring him home". But then came the next step - guiding him to the Rainbow Bridge. He was just so happy to interact with me in spirit that I felt myself struggling to let go (again). Trying not to be selfish, I cast my needs aside and actually refrained from channeling him again to allow him to move on.

    As it's been explained to me; in Chinese culture, it's believed that people stick around in spirit for about 4 weeks. What they do after that is completely up to them, and their ability to move on depends on if they've found the inner peace they need to do so. Hence why lost (those that haven't accepted their death) & dark spirits tend to linger for a lot longer, and why some spiritual people continue to watch out for us and do work from above. I fully expected Teddy would move onto something else, which is why it brought me to tears to continue to see him after the 4-week mark. He would show up when I was channeling Ascended Masters, he would show up anytime I invoked protection, and he would make his presence known anytime I went to bed (even though he couldn't sleep on the bed, we used to have "Teddy time" where he snuggled on the bed before we went to sleep). 

    I simply allowed all of this to happen. And it wasn't until I was talking to someone else, who works specifically with animals (intuitively), that I found out that it's believed these deep bonds we have with a particular pet are due to the past life bond we shared. I suddenly had no doubt about that - because even though I had already adopted another lovely dog (whom I consider a child of mine, like he was), the feelings I have for her are nowhere near as intense or deep as what I felt for him. There was even a short period where he didn't really come around the house because of her, but he resumed his activity of coming to me most nights as I laid in bed drifting off to sleep. Even after I told him he could move on, and not to stick around for my sake, he just kept coming...

    Feeling bad that I sometimes cut our interactions short (I really needed to sleep most of those nights!), I one night took him to my Safe Haven; where my Inner Child now lives. I ended up speaking to the Ascended Master I had asked to look over him... and along with my Spirit Guides, the messages came on how he wanted to be a part of my spiritual team. I wasn't sure if this is either true or possible - but as I got clarity on; it's his choice and it's possible he can do that. It didn't take him long to run off and play with my Inner Child, and I asked multiple times to be sure I understood his wish of wanting to remain there. While he can only speak by showing me or through talking to the other spirits I'm with, he seems pretty damn insistent on sticking around!

    I took it all with a grain of salt... until earlier this year when someone (in a channeling share group I mentor) said she saw a small dog at my side. I brushed it off as something to explore, which is really what prompted me to finally have that session with my past teacher for clarity. So the following month, when she said she saw him at my side again - I just laughed and finally realized I'm not crazy at all. I accepted it's absolutely true that he's still around. Not too many people have an animals spirit at their side, but since I've also seen one at someone else's side - I had to (once again) just believe.

    If you ever have the privilege of having an animal like this in your life, hold this connection close to you. And if you've ever felt inclined to believe you're spent a lifetime with a particular pet before - then there may actually be truth to it! Through this relationship & it's experience, I gained more faith and understanding about the afterlife. The same is true for humans too; I recently read a client whose daughter (who passed 3 years prior) was by her side because she wanted to be. And even in the case where reading someone that's passed but does not show (either because they're stuck or have completely moved on), their consciousness and messages can still be channeled through other spirits. Death isn't the end my friends, but still cherish your loved ones while you can!

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