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The Dreaded Holidays

   It's that time of year again! Immediately after Halloween, we began being subjected to the ads for Christmas trees, gift shopping, and so on... which is something that can bring a lot of strong yet mixed feelings. The truth is that some people don't look forward to the holiday season for a variety of reasons, and shoving these ads in our faces can sometimes do more damage than good . I, for one, subscribe to what I call a "commercial Christmas" - where it's got nothing to do with religious beliefs or family traditions, and I simply enjoy a Santa-themed holiday. This is simply because I don't have a big family to gather with for days of feasting & gift exchanges. Since I had to remove myself from my family to recover from my past trauma and eliminate my triggers , I have the complete opposite. If you can relate, you will find some comfort and suggestions here on how to create a fun holiday.. even if it's a quiet, secluded one.     My new Christmas t

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