A Personal Update on Empath Confessions

Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing well and enjoying your Summer so far!

As some of you know (if you read my recent article on Time Management), things have been super busy for me lately! If you run a business, you know how crazy it can be at times to have a million ideas in your head. And to switch off your brain. 

If you're like me - and have found your way into opportunities to collaborate and branch out to have multiple projects - then you know what's it like to have infinite deadlines and a need to spend your time wisely. 

I admittedly threw myself into it which is why I adapted using the many methods & tips that I share in the above linked article.

As productive, creative, and just generally exciting as it can be... there are times when I feel my face and mind just uncontrollably slipping into this mood: 😜

But I'm not complaining.. that's not the point here. In fact, it's a reality check I have to do where I remind myself that there are good reasons why I'm so busy.

So busy in fact, that I abruptly decided to book 10 days off at the end of this month. The challenge? Having to block myself off from all 3 businesses that I work for/with so that I could have a true, actual break!

Ashley Tilson - Empath Confessions summer 2022 update
I'm looking forward to having a couple days away at the lake and enjoying my local beach - especially since I've only been here for photoshoots! (yikes, how sad is that?!). Taken at Lyn Conservation Area in May 2022.

Having said that all that, my work situation has caused me to consider making some changes. After much deliberation on what I should do, I have decided to peel back on my bi-weekly posts here.

I'm not going to lie: It's only because it's become a challenge to have enough time to write articles for 4 different blogs. 😮

(BTW, if you caught that... yes, I went from writing for 3 different blogs last month to writing for 4 blogs this month)

It would be easier if I could re-use content across different sites (SEO tidbit for those that need it and don't know: Google does not like this and down-ranks your content if you copy previously published material), but since I can't - I'm just going to be real about the situation I've found myself in.

So enough about that - the longer story short is that I'll be going back to a monthly posting schedule. New blog articles will be published on the last Thursday of each month!

So that's all I have to share at the moment. It's my hope that I'll have a chance to add the extra post every now and then, but this shift will help to ensure I have enough time to crank out quality articles. The ideas are already boiling, but if you have a request or idea, contact me.

Until next time, take care and namaste!

Ashley Tilson is an Intuitive Healer that specializes in Trauma Release & Recovery.
She offers online Reiki, Reading, and personalized Healing sessions, as well as her signature program -
The Rise of the Phoenixes. You can learn even more about her and her services on her website.

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