Welcome to Empath Confessions, a sanctuary for empaths and sensitive souls. Discover heartfelt stories, practical advice, and inspiring insights on navigating empathic experiences, healing from trauma, and embracing your unique gifts. Here, you'll find strength in knowing you are not alone.

Empath Confessions began in a notebook during the summer of 2017, while I (Ashley Tilson), was enjoying a quiet escape at a countryside Airbnb. It was a time of decompression and reflection after two life-changing experiences: my spiritual awakening and the uncovering of repressed memories of childhood trauma.

Embarking on my healing journey, every message I received urged me to share my experiences with the world. Initially skeptical about my spiritual awakening, I hesitated and sought second, third, and fourth opinions until I became certain this was my path. Despite my fears of backlash and the difficulty of speaking my truths, I took the leap and launched this blog in January 2018.

Over the years, this blog has transformed alongside me. Initially, it served as a therapeutic outlet, helping me bring closure to my past. Now, it stands as a beacon of comfort, guidance, and assurance for anyone navigating similar challenges. Through this platform, I aim to offer hope, understanding, and practical advice to fellow empaths and trauma survivors.

  Ashley Tilson, writer of Empath Confessions

About Ashley Tilson:

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and raised in Oakville, my early years were marked by traumatic experiences that left me quiet, reserved, and mentally struggling. I coped with unhealthy habits like drinking, smoking, and overeating, which I finally addressed during my spiritual healing journey that began at the age of 30.

My journey led me to work with two amazing Healers - Stacey MacDonald & Tiffany Tin. Both guided me through the initial stages of my recovery and supported me through my nerve-wracking breakthrough in public speaking. I have since obtained certifications in Usui Reiki Level I, II, and Master/Teacher, Crystal Healing, Life Coaching, and as a High Priestess of Light (a multi-modality Master Healer program).

For a period, I worked as a Holistic Trauma Recovery Specialist, using my personal experiences to help others heal from childhood trauma. However, in late 2022, I decided to put my Intuitive Healing business on hold. I now focus on my small online store, Love in Light Gifts, as well as my Virtual Assistance & Business Coaching business.

Where You'll Also See Me: 

I was an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine, where I was honoured with the Top 500 Global Award in 2021. Outside of this blog and my businesses, I am the Digital Marketing Manager for Northnet Media - a Web Development & Digital Marketing Agency.

A HUGE Thank You

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The blog posts on Empath Confessions have garnered over 30,000 views to date - a testament to the impact and reach of my writings. This growing readership motivates me to continue sharing my journey and insights. 😊

Disclaimers: All information shared on the blog (as it pertains to client feedback and group discussions) is used with permission. No material from this blog can be shared without my permission. This blog and all its written & creative content are under copyright by Ashley Tilson and are intended to be purely informational, educational, and entertaining.

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