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Empath Confessions was first started in a notebook in the summer of 2017 while its writer - Ashley Tilson - was enjoying a quiet escape at a countryside Airbnb. She was on the edge of decompressing and reflecting on two major life-changing experiences she went through: (1) her spiritual awakening, and (2) uncovering her repressed memories of childhood trauma. 

As she embarked on her healing journey, every message she received told her it was part of her mission to share her experiences with the world. Being non-religious and skeptical enough to second-guess things even when they felt right, she sat on this (and sought out 2nd and 3rd opinions) until the day came when she knew this was what she had to do...

While her blog posts might make it look easy to speak authentically and without holding anything back, the truth was actually far from that. With a lump in her throat and nothing but fear over receiving backlash for finally speaking her truths, she decided to take the leap and launched this blog in January 2018.

Since then, the purpose of this blog has transformed along with her. Personally, this blog served as the therapeutic outlet Ashley needed to bring closure to everything as she healed from it. On the outside, consideration was given to how sharing these experiences could serve as a form of comfort, guidance, and assurance for anyone else who found themselves going through the same thing.

What's no longer apparent in this blog is the person that Ashley used to be before all this. Quiet, angry, envious, and depressed summed up the majority of her mentality and personality, while seeming to minimize the true pain and anguish of the many things she has been through. She struggled with life and honestly never expected to experience anything other than that... So when she finally did see there was a light up ahead, she knew this was the content that was worth sharing.

This blog is purposefully being kept free from ads and comments to make this a pleasant experience for all. Anyone who wishes to contact Ashley directly should email her



Ashley Tilson was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and spent most of her childhood & teenage years in Oakville. Having grown up with a less-than-normal childhood with traumatic experiences, she was quiet and reserved, and had struggled mentally, from an early age. She admits she dealt with this by leaning on drinking, smoking, and overeating - all bad habits that she finally kicked during her spiritual healing journey, which began at the age of 30. 

Ashley started seeing Stacey MacDonald to work through the beginning stage of her recovery, before deciding to work with her to receive her Usui Reiki Level I certification. After that, she went on to receive certifications in Crystal Healing, Usui Reiki Level II & Master/Teacher, Life Coaching, and then as a High Priestess of Light (a multi-modality Master Healer program).

For a while, Ashley Tilson was a Holistic Trauma Recovery Specialist, basing all of her methodology and processes on her own personal journey of overcoming childhood trauma. She helped victims of childhood trauma who were struggling with triggers and the inability to feel safely free and happy in their adult lives to break free from the past and heal their childhood selves so they could begin to live the life they thought they could only dream about.

Upon being faced with some situations that changed the course of her business, she ultimately decided the timing wasn't quite right for what she wanted to offer. She put her Intuitive Healing business on hold in late 2022. She continues to run her small online store - which transformed from Crafted with Love & Light to Love in Light Gifts


Ashley was an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine, where she was also awarded the Top 500 Global Award in 2021. She is also "the Admin Team" for Tiffany Tin; her most recent Teacher & Mentor whom she's now thrilled to call a friend. Since 2020, she has been running a successful small business as a Virtual Assistant, which she does outside of her job as the Digital Marketing Specialist for Northnet Media - A Web Development & Digital Marketing Agency.

You can learn more about Ashley Tilson's offerings on her website.

Without having spent a single cent on advertising, and having only ever pushed a handful of social media posts for it, the posts on Empath Confessions have garnered more than 25,000 views to date. She credits seeing the growing statistics every time she logs in as the real reason she continues this blog. So if you read this - Thank you!

Disclaimers: All information shared on the blog (as it pertains to client feedback and group discussions) is used with permission. No material from this blog can be shared without Ashley's permission. This blog and all its written & creative content is under copyright by Ashley Tilson and is intended to be purely informational, educational, and entertaining.

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