The Dawn of a New Age

Hello dear readers! I hope you're doing well! It has been way too long since my last post.

Truth be told, there are a lot of reasons for that. 

But before we get into that, I have something to admit...

For a while there, I was just going to let this die. 

In fact, I have purposely been putting off logging in again.

The reason for that? Well, just like the many phases of growth I've tracked with this blog, I'm once again different. 

Finally, I'm at a point where I look at this and sigh simply because I no longer resonate with the person I used to be throughout all of it. Even the more recent posts.

But I'm okay with that. 

After all, I am human and constantly changing along with life. This blog was born with the purpose of sharing those life lessons with anyone dealing with the same things. To let you know that you're not alone.

So instead of dumping this, I will be spending the coming weeks rearranging the blog.

But enough about that. Let me tell you a little bit about what I've been up to in my absence so you know a small thing or two about what I'm going to share in the future. 😊

The Bliss of A Non-Active Online Presence

When I last posted, I mentioned that I was going to be downgrading my posting schedule because I was beginning to write blogs as part of my new part-time gig. That is true, and in fact, I now have a full-time job as a Digital Marketing Specialist who - among other things - writes bi-weekly blog posts for a bunch of companies.

So what happened to my business? We'll get to that later...

During the time when I was last active on here, I actually had a Social Media Manager running my social media accounts. When she left (on maternity leave), I ended up deciding to stop posting.

And guess what? Making that decision took a lot of pressure off my shoulders! 😌

It took me a while to realize what it was exactly. But these past couple of years have been all about embracing the practice of letting things go. 

That's precisely why I wanted to leave this blog alone. 

But this has, and might always be, the one channel in which I have zero expectations tied to. 

Which, believe it or not, makes it all that much easier to come back to. Especially as I come back and see people are still reading it. 🙏

But to wrap this up real quick, I just wanted to share how much healthier my mentality has been since swearing off social media

That's not to say that I will never return in some capacity... heck, I had to create a new Facebook profile just to do my job... but I highly recommend just taking a break from it if you're considering that.

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Sadly, the past couple of years have been full of ups and downs. For as much good as there's been, there has unfortunately been a lot of pain.

I know that I introduced you to my latest dog - Gracie - whom I adopted after Teddy passed away. She was the stray GSX with one eye, whom I brought home in August of 2020.

She was a bright light during those months of lockdown that created a lot of uncertainty for my business. And she certainly garnered a lot of attention when I shared her on Instagram.

But, as you can probably guess by the way I'm talking here... my time with her was unfortunately cut short. 

In the summer of 2022, right before her 2nd Gotcha Day, she started having some health issues. After many trips to the vet to find out that she had a rare form of diabetes (one that cannot be detected with testing), there was even more crushing news. 😨

Longer story short: Her days were numbered and treatment options weren't as straightforward as they would've been for any other dog. I felt torn in 50 different directions with all of this. 

Fast forward to August of 2023 - celebrating her 3rd Gotcha Day and being thankful things were as smooth as they could be. Then suddenly, there were signs her body was starting to give up... We ended up having to put her down in September.

While I am thankful I had her for a little more than 3 years - and gave her the best damn 3 years possible - it marked a period that was nothing short of being a cocktail of emotions. 

Losing 2 dogs in less than 4 years was probably the hardest part of all of this. But I don't regret anything, and that'll be the basis for a story another time.

Rolling With The Waves

If there's anything that these past 4 years have taught me, it's how to roll with the punches and pick myself back up while still keeping myself grounded and thinking positively; no matter what. 

It's something that takes mindful practice in the beginning. But the truth is that I didn't even realize I had gotten good at this simply because I've been so damn busy.

But I think this is going to be an article of its own because I, like many other Empaths out there, feel a personal responsibility and obligation to meet everyone else's needs; even when the request impedes our own lives and is something we don't want to do.

So doing anything by our own book is not that easy...

A lot of things happened that pushed me into pretty much phasing out my Intuitive Healing business. In a way, it still breaks my heart. Some of the women I trained alongside (including one that I mentored) have gone on to make names for themselves as best-selling authors and YouTube & TikTok stars.

But the more I think about the very situations that caused me to want to hit the brakes on what I was doing, the more assured I feel about my decision.

Yet the truth remains: With its "infinite wisdom" (for lack of a better term), life decided to take the steering wheel for me. Quite possibly the shortest way to recap this is with this list:

Spring 2022: I got a part-time gig as an Office Administrator & Content Author to supplement my business income while it underwent a transformation. I was trying to phase out my Reading & Reiki services (my most requested services) to focus on the online Trauma Healing program.

Winter 2022: A few things happened in my business that had me rethinking a lot of things. At the same time, I was doing so well at my part-time gig that they wanted to bring me on full-time. So I accepted the offer while ramping down my Intuitive Healing business. I instead focused on my Virtual Assistant business in my spare time.

Early 2023: I pretty much learned to let go of my Intuitive Healing business (it's completely on the back burner now). I shifted my focus to my new full-time job with the mindset of prioritizing what would help provide for my family.

Summer 2023: Things were going so well that my role full-time role had to change. I needed to dedicate my 9-5 hours to Digital Marketing, so my Virtual Assistant business was awarded a contract for the Office Admin tasks.

New Year's 2024: I am a busy bee! 😲 Things have been going so well at my full-time job that we're now looking to create a team which I will be managing going forward. Meanwhile, demand for my Virtual Assistant services is at an all-time high. I have yet to have a single day off so far this year. But guess what? I'm loving it!

So why is this the dawn of a new age?

With everything good that's happened these past couple of years, I realized that all I ever needed to do was just trust in the natural process of all things. As you might have gathered... It was only when I stopped trying so hard to make one thing work that everything I needed slowly fell into place. 

The most revelatory takeaway from everything that happened in the above timeline is that I realized I've never been better. I have never experienced as much success or happiness as I have these past couple of years (sad events aside, of course). 

When the only things I want to complain about are not getting enough sleep, or not having enough time to play video games... well, there really, truly isn't anything to complain about. 

Now that, my friends, is the workings of true abundance! 😍 

And with this being my new reality - and what I'm dubbing a whole new age - I want to share more details on the mindset, strategies, and practices that got me to this point. 

Until then,
much love!

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