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     You may know the term channeling as taking on a persona in such a way that you're "inhibiting" the energy of someone or something specific. And I'll be honest, when it comes to channeling spiritually, that explanation isn't too far off... but there's a lot more to it. Little did I realize that there's a structure involved, and that there's not much needed on your part - it's about letting it flow as opposed to exerting your energy to embody it. If you're completely new to channeling, then you'll want to read this...

    Where there's some confusion is due to the fact that any intuitive is capable of receiving messages without even trying. As an example: when I was first identified, I only knew it to be natural that there were always gut-feelings and physical warnings of things, and that very random but specific information would pop into my head all the time. But I didn't know there was a way to actively seek out specific information as I wanted to, and I also didn't realize there were measures I should take to make sure I'm protected from attaching to the wrong (dark) spirits. As you learn to do this, you learn how to build up the protection and power that will actually make them afraid to invade your space.

AND, as you adopt these channeling practices, your abilities open up more. Through rituals that strengthen your spiritual connections, you begin to receive more messages.

    If you've read all of my posts, you'll know that I more recently discovered my medium ability (being able to see and speak to loved ones that have passed) while doing tarot readings for clients... and it's all thanks to my channeling practices; because it prepared me to do so. So if you've ever wondered about (1) your mediumship ability, and (2) being able to actively seek out specific information and messages, then you need to learn how to channel! It's something that requires some guidance because of the practices within it's process, which is why I can't possibly explain everything you need to know here...

    But I'll tell you this much now: It begins with breathwork to relax the body and connect, then moves into practices to ground and protect yourself, before doing your invocations... then you can begin receiving messages... before you close off the connection and doing a "reverse" of the intro work to come back safe and whole.

    I wanted to create an affordable course that not only walks you through this practice, but also gives you opportunities to try it out! I'm offering it completely online, and my Empath Confessions readers can get it for 50% off up until June 1, 2021.

3 Classes + 4 Practices
(7 weeks in total)
Email Support

Channel messages with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Archangels & Angels,
Animal Totems, Power Totems, and Akashic Guardians!*

$100 CAD

Only $50 by mentioning code "EC-LOVE" (until June 1, 2021)!

    All classes & practices are recorded so that each student gets a copy to rewatch anytime they wish. Classes will take place on Saturdays at 11:00 am EST (Toronto, Canada -- check your timezone here) - starting on June 5 for the first group of students. All enrolment requests and questions can be directed to me personally through my email: info@ashleytilson.ca.

* You will be channeling these figures/spirits in our classes & practices,
but MORE will be possible once you know how to do it on your own!

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