My Inner Child Healing Journey

     Unless you've read through ALL of my posts, you likely aren't aware that I spend a lot of time focusing on Inner Child work with my clients. Since I'm passionate about intuitive healing for trauma, I want to explain how this work completely changed my life.

    I had already considered myself "recovered" and was working as a Reiki Practitioner when I learned Inner Child work, so it was a healing process that took me by surprise. As I learned this through an intensive program that kept me accountable by not only undergoing the healing on myself, but also practicing it on other students, I ended up gaining invaluable insight & results with it that made me turn it into my niche. Here's the quickest, but most simplest way I describe it for others:

    In meditation, we call upon the childhood version of ourself - the one our subconscious recalls best - and spend time with it. This starts as establishing this connection and receiving messages from them, but subsequent sessions are what brings about further opportunities to heal...

    Since my childhood self felt so neglected, it took most of my first session to just get her to open up to me (she literally didn't want to move). After I started offering my younger self the love and appreciation I knew I was missing, she came around and started passing on messages about the truths we ignored. For a few sessions after that, we were simply playing and revisiting old childhood hobbies - while coming to the realization of how important play is as an adult. With each session, I realized I naturally felt relief through offering myself forgiveness and I begun to feel a sense of safety I never had. Only after so many sessions, there was finally one where she took my hand -- we were finally ready to face our past trauma and bring about the closure I had been left searching for (after recovering through therapy).

    The reason you'd want to work with me for
Inner Child sessions is because most people need the guidance on what to do and how to do it. People that have never meditated before were mind-blown by the experience I helped them have, so know that you don't already need to consider yourself a "meditator" in order to be successful with it. Since my intuitive abilities allow me to witness what you're experiencing, I'm there both physically & spiritually to support you, and offer you Reiki throughout the session. As YOU are being led to explore specific activities or receive messages specific to you, I will help you -- this is the main difference between following a pre-recorded meditation and working 1-on-1.

         People use Inner Child work routinely to:

  • Share some much-needed love with their younger self
  • Reconnect with innocent, young, carefree attitude and energy
  • Reconnect with hobbies & passions that they grew out of
  • Heal any past neglect or trauma; all factors that shaped them and affected their ego

    If you're ready to give this a try and see what it's all about, I invite you to join me for my FREE ONLINE "Connect with Your Inner Child" workshop! Taking place on Saturday, April 17th, 2021, this approx. 1 hour-long event will be a completely introductory experience for beginners. If you're interested but can't make the time & date, register anyways -- it will be recorded and sent to everyone so that you can rewatch it anytime you'd like. :)

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