Alleviating PTSD Triggers using Ego Alchemy

     For those of you that are unfamiliar with Ego Alchemy - also known as Shadow Work - it's a natural healing modality that is carried out using meditation; like Inner Child work (and other methods I use). It's a healing process one follows when they wish to address, heal, and change aspects of themselves that aren't true to who they really are inside. Some quick examples are needing to become more patient because your sense of impatience and hastiness causes you more anxiety; needing to be more open, understanding and forgiving because expectations and judgments (on you) have caused you to think otherwise of others; needing to address your sense and ability of control so that you can let go and allow without getting stressed about it. The possibilities are endless here, so I want to expose how I used this work to come out of the state of constantly being triggered...

    It's no secret that I suffered from PTSD for years due to unaddressed childhood trauma, and I just KNEW I needed something beyond therapy & medication. The truth is that it's hard to even imagine that's possible, because doctors and therapists don't tell you there's any one solution for it. And while it's true that they can't "prescribe" spiritual healing, it's mostly because they honestly aren't aware that it's an option that actually works. I danced their dance for years even when I finally did speak up about my trauma, and received the PTSD diagnosis... and while I want to point out that therapy itself was ground breaking, I just felt like I was going in circles looking for a solution. If you can resonate with this in any way, or you're simply just curious about this healing modality, read on to learn more!

    In order to paint this picture properly, I do need to tell you a bit about myself and how this worked for me.. I spent most of my life on a slew of medications to address my mental health, but I never found any relief; which caused my medications to be constantly adjusted and changed. When you have PTSD, life happens through a lens in which you feel you have absolutely no control. I remember being constantly triggered by my surroundings and people, which not only contributed to my inability to stay in any job, but it also caused my intuitive abilities to go haywire. And since I didn't even recognize my spiritual truths, I thought all of it was due to my mental struggles - but the truth is that since intuitive abilities allow us to know/see/feel more than what meets the eye, I would find myself triggered for reasons I couldn't even figure out. This fact cued my thoughts on how I never thought I'd have any sense of control over my life and body...

At one point, my daily medications consisted of 400mg of Effexor, 150mg of Wellbutrin, 5mg Ativan pills [that were to be taken whenever needed], and 10mg of Valium. But still, my depression & anxiety was so high that it (along with IBS and insomnia) dictated me.

    But let's fast forward to when I finally became a Reiki Practitioner, where I was starting to find relief that allowed me to start weening off my medications. Since that alone was huge for me, I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA that things were about to get even better! As I pursued training in other natural healing modalities, it hit me like a brick wall when I finally found that my PTSD triggers were almost completely eliminated by undergoing the healing process that is Ego Alchemy. Along with Inner Child work, I not only found the closure I was seeking for my past trauma; but I found my reactions to triggers slowly went away as I faced the situations that brought up the feelings & assumptions that accompany them. Where the magic is in this work is the fact that we can rewrite the way that our brain responds to things!

    In meditation, you're able to relax enough to fully open yourself up to heal. THIS is why these natural healing modalities work wonders - but it goes without saying that unless you try it, you have absolutely no idea of the possibilities. I came from that place too... I never had luck with meditating for simple relaxation, so I didn't even expect it to work. But with the help and guidance of an Intuitive Healer, the tools are in your hands and it's all about whether or not you call upon this to happen. As I was being directed to call upon tendencies of my Ego - which were shaped to respond based on my past trauma - I quickly learned that I could transform it to respond otherwise through sheer will. It takes a few sessions to fully address the triggers, but it's only a matter of time before you begin to see and realize that you do begin to react and think differently.

My husband is one recent example I wish to share here: He's not a spiritual person and doesn't take part in my work, but when he recently began to realize that his stress over his job was beginning to control his mind, he allowed me to lead him through an Ego Alchemy session. A week later, he told me "I don't want to jinx it, but I AM different. I wake up in the mornings positive & ready to work, which I've never felt before."

    But enough with examples - I just share my experiences to help you understand and identify where you may stand on this idea. The truth is that through doing Ego Alchemy, I was able to eliminate the triggers that kept me from being my best self, and of which kept me from doing daily tasks that most others do without any anxiety at all. It was only a matter of time before I completely ditched all of my medications and never looked back, only because there was no remaining need for any vices. This also allowed me to more easily withdraw from the few addictions I leaned on, because suddenly (and subconsciously) I no longer had a need or desire to use them. And if these are results that YOU are looking for, then look no further - because the solution is within your reach!

    I will be completely honest and admit that the only triggers that remain are the ones that are directly tied to the people that were the cause of my trauma... but personally, I think this is a perfectly healthy & valid response for the human body to have. Having said that, the effects are diminished and nearly non-existent since I took the brave effort to cut myself off from such people. It's something that I used to feel bad about, but after consulting other survivors (of childhood trauma) I've learned that this is a common occurrence that allows people to finally feel free from their past. In fact, it wasn't until I did this that I finally felt safe speaking my truths -- just a tidbit of advice to think on if you're still considering this move. Regardless of the reasons behind your PTSD, know that your thoughts & feelings are valid, and that there IS help for you to move forward!

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