The Issue with the "Psychic" Label

    I've written a similar post on this subject on my website's blog, but here I want to share some information that was both part of a conversation I had with my recent mentor, and that of which I've personally found out through groups & associations I'm a part of. Take it as you will, but this is meant to be an informative read...

    One of the reasons why it's so hard to come out as an Intuitive is because people think you're crazy. As someone that spent almost 2 decades masking my intuitive abilities with anti-depressants & anti-anxiety medication while undergoing countless hours of therapy that never got me anywhere, I know this feeling all too well. I found a lot of inner peace and authenticity when I came into my true self through spiritual practices, but still - it was incredibly nerve-wracking to label myself. When I did, I watched as friends pulled away, yet those who had always heeded my advice (messages) and appreciated my good nature said "that totally makes sense". It was an awakening of its own to finally be my true self, but the fact that not all people believe in the ghosts I see or spirits I communicate with was half the reason I blocked off my gifts to begin with.

    This blog is actually a prime example - I started it in 2018, but remained anonymous until 2019. It wasn't until I built up my own self-confidence and started my business that I finally felt ready to publish my name.

    So I'll be honest - it's extremely disheartening that there are people out there faking this work, and some who are dishing out false information. Through my Reiki association, I've heard of healers that pass on curses instead of healing clients (who undoubtedly came to someone in the association to have it removed). From a client of mine, I found out about the power of Black & Blood Magic used negatively - which caused cancer in a family member right after she had left her possessive boyfriend (there was proof; and she was an otherwise healthy 35-year old). As someone who pledged to work in the light, knowing how real karma is (what goes around eventually comes back around!), I'm appalled to hear of such incidents.

    But that wasn't as disheartening as some of the stories I recently heard from the mentor I'm working for. I became her student when she started her multi-modality healer program - which was what taught me everything I know beyond Reiki & Crystal Healing, while strengthening my intuitive abilities and understanding of spiritual matters. This program cost me about $2,500, but once it was over and had helped me transform, I honestly thought what she taught me was invaluable - and possibly worth $20,000. So we were both a little hurt to have heard that one of her more recent students took a break from the program because another Healer promised her more results for $25,000! While I still can't wrap my head around paying that much for anything that isn't a car or a house renovation, this "Healer" managed to get all that money out of her! ... Then she left her high and dry, without providing her anything that could help.

    This is half the issue with the bad rep that our line of work is getting. This isn't the first fraud experience I've heard of either... and I'm sure you too have heard stories in your areas as this stuff tends to get ripped to shreds in news articles. All too often, these fraudulent healers & psychics are just praying on people that are desperate for help - and just taking their money and running with it. A crystal (for manifesting / healing / whatever the case) DOES NOT cost hundreds or thousands of dollars -- genuine healers like myself will tell you which crystals to buy and teach you how to do the rituals yourself. Boom - one session that costs you less than $200 if you include what you pay for the crystals.

    More recently, more fraud has been happening because 1) people just see this as quick scammy way to make money, because 2) there are more and more people realizing they need this help. It does help to research who you're going to see, and always make sure there's testimonials or reviews for them. As an example, I have a slideshow of my clients' testimonials right on my homepage because frankly - you can skip reading everything I wrote and see all you need to know in my clients' reviews. THIS is what you're looking for no matter what product or service you're after! Healers have the right to claim they're a good healer, but the results clients have in-session are what really matters.

    Which brings me to the false information that gets passed around... Thankfully, I haven't had a client with this issue (which is good because I see how it would be hard to correct), but lately, my mentor has been seeing more and more of it. Since we work with the Goddesses (Isis, Athena, Artemis, Kuan Yin, Lakshmi, etc.), we know - because we have a clear understanding - that they have ascended to work with all of us. So if a reader tells you that you are anyone that has ascended, they (unfortunately) aren't well versed in their information & understanding. It is not possible for you to be someone that's ascended and somehow still be available 24/7 to communicate, which means being tuned into multiple people at the same time (possibly all the time) to give guidance & healing. They can do this because they ascended, but we can't. Not to mention; in this age, there's no logical reason for anyone to choose to descend, even if they could...

    But if you've either had this inkling about yourself or have been told you're someone that's ascended, I do have some good news for you! Personally, I was never a religious person.. so when Jesus started coming to me in meditations, I was shocked. I knew there was an undeniable connection with him and the Angelic realm, but I also knew it was simply just that -- I'm connecting with those closest to my spiritual path & abilities. It wasn't until I was told that one of my healing methods was in fact angelic healing (which I was never trained to do; it came to me naturally), that I began to realize the ongoing presence of Archangels was simply just a connection that was close to me. And while it's true that I have a history in the angelic realm, it's simply that - I wasn't an Archangel or Ascended Master, which is how I'm here today.

    Let's also not forget to realize that not every psychic reads the future, or talks to spirits of passed loved ones, or provides healing. There are many intuitive (psychic) abilities, which can be opened up and strengthened with training. Some stick to the abilities & methods that work best for them. As an example: I don't mind doing readings on the future for clients, but it needs to be taken with a grain of salt and just simply as insight. All too often, people that want specific details & timelines are trying to do everything in their power to prevent what's going to happen - which is fine, but at the same time, they aren't realizing that if it's something that's meant to happen, it'll happen regardless. On the flip-side, you can decide one day that you're going to do something differently - whether it's changing your routine, making a new life-changing decision, or simply just walking down the opposite side of the street - then the results of your reading change too. Life always unfolds in ways to try and send us down different paths, so taking a different path can possibly eliminate all messages you previously received.

    In the end, I walked away from labeling myself as a "psychic" only because recent years have unveiled many fraudulent ones - causing people to look at me questionably. Be sure to do your research and pick someone that feels aligned to your needs. Every Reader & Healer is different, which is also what makes it such a great community, but be sure you're 100% on board with them before going any further. 

    I welcome any further discussion and feedback personally, and you can always book me for any of my services (including a free consultation call) through my website.

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