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     I recently had the privilege of treating a couple of pregnant women with Reiki, and I was shocked to hear from the last one (one of my mentors, in fact) that there aren't a lot of offerings or information on the topic. While I cannot explain it from a pregnancy perspective (mostly because I've never been pregnant), I want to share the amazing experience I tapped into and what I found with treating pregnancy with Reiki.

    First, I want to note that these women were still early in the first trimester and were bogged down with morning sickness. Neither was able to sit straight & still due to nausea, and all of these sessions were done online - confirming that you don't have to be in-person or in your best condition to have it done. Since one of these women had never experienced Reiki before, I spent the first half of her session opening her aura and chakras, then spending the remaining time focused on her stomach and womb. But it wasn't until I worked on my mentor (who was more than open and ready to receive) that I finally got to take in the amazing view of what's happening...

   One of the primary complaints is simply that the nausea & vomiting took over.. and resulted in an inability to channel. Even outside of a spiritual explanation, I felt it only makes sense - your body's state requires energy and your attention, naturally pushing outside concerns onto the back-burner. One message I passed onto them is to allow themselves to be more selfish -- their body is busy creating a new life, and it's a temporary amount of time in which they need to remove themselves from certain situations and obligations. People will be understanding, and if they're not - then there's probably no need to invest further energy with them (at least until a time where their energy becomes more positive); usually they're upset and projecting their needs onto you, which is so not helpful for you at this time.

    So to top off the nausea and vomiting, the hormones cause a lot of anger through it's "short-fuse" response. People that care deeply (sensitive souls) felt wounded by those that didn't have a congratulatory and happy response - which is totally understandable (I mean, come on; you're having a baby!! CONGRATS!). The biggest issue I found is that between stress, hormones, and all conversations that irked you, it creates negative energy that ends up attaching to the stomach because that's the most sensitive area of the body at this time. The reason why it's not the womb is because no matter who you look at, the womb is strong through being protective of the fetus. On both women, I was doing a lot of removal from the stomach, and rebalancing the energy there to try and calm it down a bit. But it's nothing quite like the magic that's taking place in the womb & sacral chakra, which was mind-blowing to look at.

    So if you're not familiar with the Tree of Life, it's something that's both worshipped in certain practices and used regularly for Grounding. You see it depicted on pendants like the one my husband gave me - which has my birthstone, Sapphire, as "leaves" in the branches... but you can also commonly find them with the Reiki (red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple & white) crystals. Many people also have the Tree of Life tattooed.. and some spas & spiritual healers use it as decor. Whatever your take on it is, it also plays a big part when it comes to pregnancy - as I tapped in and saw how the Tree of Life (which you don't normally see in someone's body) was proudly displayed across the lower part of the body -- the tree trunk is centred over the womb, with it's roots reaching down into the legs, and the branches expanding to "web out" all across the stomach and into the chest.

    For reasons I can't yet explain, I saw these women with a full belly that was ready to pop (which wasn't the case at all!), filled with the Tree of Life that was lighting up like circuitry. It's an amazing view! No matter how the client was feeling, their Sacral chakra was enlarged and full of life... and here's where the "real work" was seen -- this Tree of Life was taking energy from other chakras (from the Root & legs through it's roots, and from the upper chakras through the branches) and redirecting it into the Sacral & womb. It's no wonder then that energy workers don't feel as effective, because their body's energy was all being redirected! 

    I was surprised to learn from a fellow practitioner at Glitz Spa (an esthetician that has a sister who does osteopathy) that osteopath's also see this in pregnant women! In fact, we had an informative conversation about how osteopaths recreate the natural birthing process for babies born through C-section - which is apparently a very emotional experience for all involved. Not that you need to know it, but it's unthinkable things like this that give you a new perspective -- as she was explaining it to me, I intuitively realized that any baby that does that gains a sense of finally being born (like a rebirth with finality). Either way, that was just some fun information, and as always, it makes me feel less "crazier" to know that my line of work isn't the only one that recognizes this reality of the Tree of Life in the body during pregnancy.

    While it's completely dependent on the client, I did also find additional factors that required Reiki; sometimes the Heart was guarded (due to feelings, and trying not to be hurt or influenced by others) and needed help to open, and sometimes the Throat needed help to allow them to feel safe to speak their new truths (needs). Regardless of the person and the circumstances, they felt lighter and less angry at the end of the session - keeping in mind that Reiki works on a person for a 3-day period following the treatment. But above all, I told them to be extra kind to themselves and realize that they need whatever it is they feel they need during this time. Eat according to your cravings, take a leave from work if you feel unreliable & overextended, and just enjoy what you can while you can -- it won't last forever and you should give yourself permission to do what you need to do!

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