Connect with Your Inner Child workshop

 Have you heard of Inner Child work?

    You may have heard the term "Inner Child" as the world of psychology has embraced it, but this is referring to a healing modality that focuses on your childhood self and is carried out using meditation.

    You've heard me mention it on here - because it was an instrumental process in my personal healing journey! Through connecting with my Inner Child, I was able to give her the love, appreciation, and forgiveness she needed. From there, she gave me messages I needed to hear (mostly about being kind and forgiving towards myself as an adult) along with reigniting the passion I had in doing childhood activities I "grew out of". 

    But eventually, she took my hand one day and said "I'm ready"... and I knew that we were finally going to face our past trauma for the closure I needed. Therapy did its work in coming to terms with it, but facing these memories one by one while saying what I needed to say, and providing accompanying Reiki to detach and heal, was completely transformative for me.

    This is why I feel so strongly about offering this service to others that need assistance with their childhood trauma. AND why I've decided it's time to host an online workshop on the subject!

Connect with Your Inner Child FREE online workshop by Ashley Tilson

Taking place online using Zoom on Saturday, April 17th @ 11:00 am
(EST - Toronto, Canada)

Join me to learn what Inner Child work is, how you can do this yourself, and be led through a meditation where I get you to establish the connection to YOUR Inner Child!

More details and registration can be found under Events on my website.

I hope to see you there!
 If you're interested but can't make the date & time, email me
This will be recorded so I can send you a copy to watch later.

    Want to just see me 1-on-1 for this healing process? You can book a Soul Alchemy session with me online, and be sure to check out my Package options that offer bulk sessions at a discount.

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