The Truth About Dark Entities & Spirits

     The reality is that spiritual and non-spiritual alike speak to dark spirits & entities, both intentionally and unintentionally. And while I simply only recognize the fact that there are people who do it intentionally, what I really want to talk about is how easy it is for someone to unknowingly do so. I find that anyone that's experienced any kind of trauma in their early years had at least one dark entity attached to them - that ends up blocking some spiritual gifts as well as feeding you false information under the guise that it's protecting you. One way to try and figure it out on your own is through noticing the thoughts & phrases that pop up in your head - light messages are short, sweet, and to the point (sometimes only being single words or short sentences), while dark ones are very specific to unpleasant situations and thoughts you "should" be having.

    One prime example of these spirits are Shadow Men, of which enjoy and feed off your pain. They come as a surprising presence that watches you, and some people (albeit very few) don't recognize the threatening feeling that accompanies them. As someone who was super sensitive as a child, I was terrified seeing this figure standing in the corner of my room. But it was as if there was nothing I could've done to avoid it because I was mentally depressed and unstable at the time of his arrival. I didn't invite it.. I didn't welcome it.. but it turned out that it attached itself to me and it was only a couple years ago in which that attachment was removed for good. And even though I didn't recognize its effects on me, it felt like a curse had finally been lifted. And of course, it was freeing not to wonder about that anymore... as it opened the door to further strengthening my intuitive gifts.

Yes, it's about taking back the power within that you didn't know you have!
That's why it takes coming around to belief in order to see what's been there for years.

    Such attachments revealed themselves as I was on my own healing & developmental journey, and they usually showed themselves in specific sessions where it was suddenly easy to remove. So there's hope if you're worried about this possibility - there will be a time where you can rid yourself of it! In a way, these spirits and their attachment serve a purpose; and incident(s) that marked the time of their arrival (ie. trauma) needs healing before they can go. Once it was done and gone, I couldn't help but notice that some of the negative self-talk (the unwanted & unprovoked stuff) naturally went away... which was both shocking and affirmative of the circumstance. It felt like a weight was permanently lifted off my back, which allowed channeled messages to come through clearer and more often.

    As I had already learned the proper channeling structure before that, it was only a matter of time before I noticed more spirits were able to start approaching me; which is really what strengthened me. This is true for everyone, which is why it's important for intuitives to start their own healing journey, even if they have no intention of becoming a Healer themselves. The reality is that I started out identifying as an Intuitive Empath (my feeling-sense was the strongest, but my inner knowing brought the insight), but by the time I finished healing myself, all of the "Clair-abilities" were active for me. This is just another reason why training is so important if you wish to empower your abilities, and if you want to make a career for yourself using them.

A quick demo showing how to smudge yourself.
(Smudging yourself is good for interactions with both spirits and other people)

    And as one begins working with energy (or whatever you choose to do practice-wise), they have to recognize that protection methods need to become a part of daily life. Whether it's smudging, carrying crystals, or invoking different forms of spiritual protection, it's all essential. A prime example is how I refrain from doing a lot of channeling (for myself) around the Full Moon - because that's the prime time for the dark arts to do their rituals. So between the Full Moon energy and that of darker activities taking place, lightworkers tend to be more prone to psychic attacks. These literally feel as if someone (dark) is trying to invade your space, so the best thing you can do to prevent incidents is to just have different forms of protection. Even a powerful intuitive who simply just doesn't know how to protect themselves [spiritually] can attach themselves to entities and not even notice their arrival.

    One easy way for EVERYONE to provide some spiritual protection is through having crystals! I carry around Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, and Smokey Quartz around in my pocket - as they're my trio for deflection / protection. If there's ever a bad energy that can be left in a room (for example: when hosting guests for overnight stays), I place Clear Quartz points in the corners of the room to set up a ward. Crystals need to be cared for (they won't be optimal if broken/cracked/chipped) and should be cleansed every so often with burning sage. If you're attuned to Reiki - you can use this to both cleanse and bless the crystal. But if you're completely new to it all, just start with crystals.. trust me, this was one of the first practices I started with too! Even if you think there's a dark attachment connected to you, but you begin these practices.. it'll make it easier to release them in addition to preventing further issues.

If you believe a dark entity is attached to you, consider a Healing session with me. 

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