The Loneliness in Awakening

     No matter how one looks at their own transformation and/or their intuitive experiences, there's one thing we can all agree on - it's very hard to find someone that completely understands (or can relate) to you. This is why many find mentors in Intuitive Healers early on, because they've already been down the road and know what you're experiencing. And as you begin working on yourself or learning how to heal, there's a huge shift when you network and connect with those alike. Our energies always pick up when near someone else of similar vibration, not to mention that there's energetic attraction to those of similar circumstances (in which we subconsciously recognize we can connect to or possibly help). But it's all pretty lonely because as most see it - it's all in your head - so I hope that if you're feeling this way, you can find some solace here...

     I remember when I first awoke and it was the darkest time for me for only one reason - because I was busy trying to figure out who I am and I knew that was going to upheave my life as I knew it. I was no longer the girl who was trying to drown herself in her problems, and for that reason alone I stopped relating to the very people I was surrounding myself with. It was heartbreaking at first because in many cases, it wasn't as if they did something to make me hate them suddenly; it was only in some cases where they did do something that made me walk away. In time, I came into the realization that these people are no longer aligned with me. When your heart, mind, and soul are on a mission to live your best life possible while seeking meaningful connections that fulfill you, the lives that people lead (where they're fine working a job they don't like, staying in relationships that don't make them happy, and carry on with routines that only sabotage their health & mentality) just make you scratch your head and feel out of place.

    And I know... I used to be the same way! Perhaps that's why I feel I can look at it all more objectively now, but at the same time I know I awoke only by ending up in a rut where I wondered if there was another way than just to robotically go about life while grinning and bearing the pain and regret. The answer is "yes". The reality is that everyone needs to arrive at their own point of asking this question in order to start considering this bigger picture. And perhaps spending most of my life feeling like "just a number" in many regards before seeking some form of redemption was the fuel behind this fire.. but even on reflecting on that, I recognize this is how many of us truly feel. At the end of the day, we feel we can do more, make more of an impact, and make something better somehow. THIS is really the mission we all have in awakening to our spiritual truths...

    Now queue seeking the answers to what that path looks like, and it's true that you can't turn to the same people that you've surrounded yourself with to help you. In most cases, you end up finding out that you're meant to learn more so that you can help them.. and in the other, smaller percentage, you find people that were put on your path to teach you a hard lesson. The lessons are the hardest parts of the journey, but through the pain and uncomfortableness of these situations, we learn how to recognize energies. This in turn teaches us how to read who is more likely to back-peddle on their healing process, who is prone to lying, and more noticeable - who is ignoring their trauma. It wasn't until I personally experienced "break ups" with such people that I learned how to handle all these different situations and approaches when I began serving clients.

    The positive that I took from all of those experiences was actually the realization that my intuition was on point all along.. I just didn't have my confirmations until these changes started happening. For example: A lot of the people I used to surround myself with always felt conflicted to me; their words and actions didn't match and I was often left feeling like I couldn't believe in them. My heart being in the right place meant that I always tried to side/believe/assist them anyways, but around the time of my awakening, I started speaking up only to find out that I was either being taken advantage of or had befriended a false persona. It all clicked - and to simply put it, I realized why I always felt this uneasy, darker energy around them! Once again, it all taught me to read people better so that I could develop further.. but it saw me separate myself from even more people.

    Yet as lonely as it feels to come into all this, rest assured that things get better! As I started taking courses and programs, it connected me with brothers and sisters alike who I know I can turn to anytime I need someone to bounce my thoughts off of. I cherish the relationships that remain (and transpire) knowing that I am in a more supportive circle of people that recognize my [spiritual] truths... and that everything happens for a reason. A Spiritual Awakening - and the journey - is all about learning while working on yourself, so it's absolutely no fault of your own that these things happen. In the end, we all find a family that's made of like-minded souls.. and maybe has nothing at all to do with who you're related to (by blood). Allow yourself to float on the waves until a time where opportunities present themselves, and take them because they will lead you to your people!

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