Where Intuitives Are Blindsided

     When I was going through my training, I used to look at my Teachers, seeing them as being much more powerful and capable, and thought that there was no way I could ever become that good. Because I was still at the start of my journey and learning, I was intimidated and knew that I wasn't accessing nearly as much information as they were. While it was easy enough to notice how my gifts have served me since I was young, I knew that much... but I also felt blind in a lot of ways and thought I'd never be like them. Fast forward and now I mentor students that have the same feedback (about being intimidated) about me, and I can't help but share how I used to be in their shoes. In fact, I have to admit that I'm sometimes still blind to certain things - and I want to explain how this happens.

    I was rather private and reserved about my abilities, even as I was gearing up to start my intuitive healing business. I had always wanted to feel confident in everything I do before I offered myself up to the public, so I took a lot of stock in doing my case studies and waiting for my certification before even claiming I knew/practiced such. And it goes without saying that the more I practiced, more unlocked and became more "obvious" to me. As I worked on clients, I began to notice patterns of causes & effects, along with significances behind certain presences - making me more confident in the many things I've come to understand. But this is exactly the point I'm trying to make here; is that you only get "good" by practicing more. This journey, and learning, is never ending.

    Early on when you're still developing, it's like going through a track course with hurdles. The only problem is that impatience with yourself is the cause of you crashing into these hurdles. I know some people that gave up entirely because they couldn't wait their way through the process, and those that opened up and jumped right into daily practices became Teacher-level good in less than a year. Recognizing that it's usually an emotional issue that blocks ones gifts is something that opens up a whole new understanding - since that applies to ALL aspects of spiritual work, especially healing. There have been times where I didn't want to accept the truth for what it was presenting itself as, and so my thoughts caused me to be blind to it. Sadly, it's as simple as that! Any powerful and resourceful intuitive can block out some truths by being too logical...

    This is just one of the reasons why Healers find it easier to work on others, and not so much themselves or close loved ones. Even nowadays, as I'm capable enough to tap into someone and provide them a reading through online comments, it takes me more work to access information on myself. I find that unless it's an immediate/urgent message, I have to spend a full hour of rituals and practice to receive guidance for myself or access my Akashic Records. It also leads to another truth which is that even after we graduate, we keep our connections with the others so that we can have the exchange opportunity whenever we need it. THIS is where we get the confirmation we need on ourselves, because I can't begin to tell you how many times we all doubt the messages we receive because we're worried our will influenced it (which is possible!).

    And it is completely true that one's thoughts are all that's needed to construe messages. It's a lesson we learn along the way, and it becomes blatantly clear when we go through a tough time. When I was writing about the passing of Teddy in the last post, I recognized that some of what I said would make any unknowing person question how I didn't know "better". The truth is that I did.. I had received many messages that it was the end [of his life], but I didn't want to accept that until I had a vet assess him and tell me that with factual, tangible words. This was my first mistake, but I also recognized that I was too emotionally distraught to see clearly. I don't blame myself or anyone else for that - because that was simply my logic taking the driver's seat on the entire event...

    Most of the time, we are faced with these situations because they're meant to be lessons to us. While this event only proved to me that I shouldn't doubt the messages I'm receiving, it also served as a quick life lesson that moved me onto a new stage in my journey. This is true regardless of one's circumstances - something will happen in time that will bring more power and authenticity to your capability. But you start out a little blind, and you have to be weary that YOU can blind yourself if you give it too much thought. In fact, I have a couple of clients that see me for Reiki regularly, but they've come to know and understand that they keep blocking their Crown & Third Eye because they say they are too afraid to use their gifts. There's nothing wrong with this because you always want to be ready, but this very fact adds to the truth that blockages aren't all a one-time removal deal - with this tendency, you will always find a need to remove it and heal.

    Alongside that, I can't help but mention how the effects of mind-altering substances construe messages and block abilities too. While it's true that some people come into this work a bit easier by using substances such as shrooms and cannabis (trust me - there's whole communities that weave their use with spiritual work), it's something that needs to come with caution. When not used ritualistically and in small enough doses, you can open a door to inviting the wrong spirits in; and you wouldn't even notice. Alcohol is a big factor in this, because I've seen first-hand how dark entities literally just find their way towards people that are intoxicated and try to so much as ask something in their mind. Once that connection has been established, you block yourself from pure and meaningful spiritual work because anytime you have a negative connection/attachment, the "good" ones stay away from you. And yes, this very occurrence is just another way that an intuitive can block themselves off from truths and healing. 

    Perhaps coming into these realizations made it easier for me to step away from the vices I used to lean on for mental health, but regardless it was a very real and scary recognition on my spiritual path. All of this food for thought should be exactly that - a cautionary, informative tale on how easy it is to do spiritual work, but not be doing it the "right" way. When we're still learning everything, we don't always see spirits in the true, natural forms... which makes it easier to be blind to what's happening. Anyone that's eager to have any spiritual connection or do channeling will find it too easy to latch onto a connection that's only going to blind and damage them over time. If in doubt, book a healing session to address this, and learn how to properly channel so that you know how to protect yourself from negative energies. 

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