How To Keep Going in Tough Times - Part 2

    This is a continuation to my previous post How To Keep Going in Tough Times - Part 1, so you may want to start there if you just found yourself on this post. Here, I dig into the more life-changing factors that have affected me during this pandemic, and I hope you can find some solace and/or advice here...

Dealing with Loss

    I do count myself fortunate that I haven't lost a loved one due to COVID-19, but the losses are something I recognize. For one, I know for a fact that our current home only went on the market because one of the owners passed from COVID/pneumonia early in 2020. My heart also bleeds for the LTC (long term care) situation too - as my short stint as a PSW ended after my first day of shadowing; upon seeing how dire this situation was (years ago!) and coming home with suicidal thoughts. How anyone doesn't take this pandemic seriously is beyond me, but even further to all these thoughts and feelings is the fact that I lost my dog, Teddy, in the summer of 2020.

    It was a loss like no other because pandemic restrictions made me feel completely helpless. And sure, it's not a human, but Teddy was so much more to me -- he and I had a special connection that allowed him to be my first Intuitive Healing success story; as my efforts prolonged his life past his expectancy. We had to take him to 2 different animal hospitals during his last day (because our main vet didn't have a cardiologist; which he needed for assessment), each of which required us to hand him over in the parking lot. I couldn't help but think that had I known the last time I'd hold him would be the moment I handed him over at the last hospital, I'd want to do something different. And while we did get the chance to say goodbye through a video call, it just wasn't enough - and it was a fact that added to my grief.

    The reality is that during this pandemic, many people aren't able to say a proper goodbye or have the time to come face-to-face with the facts.. and it hurts. I always imagined I'd be able to hold him during his last breath, but this timing didn't make it possible. So I had to ride it all out until I finally felt ready to move on, which was extremely hard to do when you're under restrictions... and have nothing else to do but think about it! My best advice is to take your time, because I've found that these circumstances do make the grieving process a bit longer and tougher. But further to this - when you're ready - make sure the person/soul that passed is not forgotten.

    I think of Teddy everyday, and even though it took awhile to not be upset doing so, it was only a matter of time wherein I reflected on all the joy and lessons he brought to me. His legacy will forever live on through me, so I took a personal responsibility in making sure I always reflect on him in a positive light, and I keep secret, personal goals that I carry forward in his name. Recognize those that we've lost, and find a positive way to carry their torch for them in this world.

Dealing with Uncertainty

    Amidst all these issues I've discussed here, the lingering uncertainty of everything is on everyone's mind. As an Intuitive, I'm not surprised that we're in the middle of the pandemic (as a child, I knew I'd experience this in this lifetime) - and I sometimes kick myself for expanding and opening up a room at a spa, fully knowing we'd go into another lockdown not even 2 months after I opened (I knew the risk, but I wanted to do it anyways). So as much as I still urge people to follow their dreams & hearts, I know this advice needs to come with further risk assessment - purely based on how uncertain everything is. Many things are hard to imagine because we all don't have dates to plan for... and that's really what it all boils down to.

    How I keep my head high and carry on during these trying times is through keeping busy in productive ways. If you read the post I made early on in the pandemic, you'll see that I picked up gardening, cooked (and created new recipes) a lot more, played more video games (when I needed a distraction to just pass some time), and of course, ended up writing more for this blog (a lot of which never got published). In between, I'd allow myself this break for self-reflection and development - using my spiritual practices, I was able to progress through my mental struggles MUCH quicker than I expected. Having the spiritual understanding that we should just let go, allow, and welcome the new that follows helped me to stop worrying about the bigger picture and focus on myself. As much as we're all in this together, we also need to protect & worry about ourselves in any ways that we can.

    It's tough because throughout this pandemic, we're seeing everyone's true colours come out. It's only natural... because tough times either make or break us all. Deep down, I knew that if I allowed this pandemic and it's circumstances to control me, it would mean a dire outcome that I don't even want to think about. Personally, I've been face-to-face with everything from anti-maskers to people being downright negligent about their anger-fuelled actions - something that hits people like me more because we're able to read into it. Bottom line though: this does have an end, and many will go back to a state where this seems like it never happened... so we just have to ride this out until then. I know it's hard, but it IS in the cards for us all!

    Cherish the extra time you're getting with your family, the freedom you may have now to work on yourself and your hobbies, and the opportunity to reconsider things in your life (if that's the case).. because once it's all said and done, it's possible you won't have these opportunities handed to you again. But of course, take this all in with a positive light knowing that change is possible, and this pandemic is an opportunity for us ALL to rewrite our paths, should we choose to.

    And to close this 2-part article of mine, I wish YOU the best in whatever your next endeavour ends up being! If you need further guidance and clarity in any way, consider booking me for an online Reading session - I've been able to help others decide on their new career goals as they navigate their way through this pandemic. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me either... I welcome starting a conversation or even receiving a suggestion for another blog post to write about. Take care of yourselves!

Stress relief also comes from connecting with Mother Earth!
Spend more time outside to achieve this if you don't have any spiritual practices.

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