A New Chapter (The 2020 Edition)

     I sincerely wish you all well during this uncertain time and am hoping you're keeping safe, wherever you are! I wish to take this chance to do a purely personal post as you've probably noticed I'm publishing a lot more often all the sudden. If you've read my recent posts then you know it's been a rocky year for me - I lost my job and found out I need to move prior to having to self-isolate as a result of COVID-19. Thankfully I have not contracted the virus but I am simply doing my part by staying in while awaiting what happens next for me. It took this long to revive my online presence but I'm slowly doing so.. and it's starting with this blog.

     Firstly, I want to say I am completely blown away by the response this year! I take no measures to advertise this blog myself (and frankly have lost the passwords to access the official Empath Confessions accounts on Facebook & Instagram 😅), so it always warms my heart when I find out that it's continuing to reach people. It was a humble gratitude that I felt when I learned it had been read over 3500 times in 2019, and it's an even bigger gratitude that I feel now to see the numbers go up every day. THANK YOU!!! I want nothing more than to use my experience to help others so I appreciate what may have led you to discover this. Seeing these results is the reason I continue to do this and now feel inspired to reinvigorate the blog.

     Despite being without a job and navigating uncertainty at home, I had a lot of plans for my spiritual business this year. I released a FREE Online Masterclass for Empaths in February, and was lined up to begin events - including the 2020 Burlington Spiritual Symposium & Expo - in the Spring. Needless to say, these events had to be cancelled/postponed and I was back to wondering about advertising my business and getting a steady income. I've since stepped back to focus purely on myself and realized a return to blogging was in order to build my circle. Now, more than ever, we need connection with each other.

     This blog is about me and my spiritual journey, and I share my stories in hopes of reaching those that can relate and need some assurance or inspiration. I NEVER would've imagined I'd become the person that I am today, but looking back I see the old-me as a separate entity. Sometimes I want to completely rewrite earlier posts on this blog, either because I have since gained a clearer understanding or have new reason to shift a belief, but I let them remain because it was my/the truth at that point in time. So if you're a reader that has enjoyed keeping up with me, I'm happy to have you follow along and I personally invite you to connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. If you can relate to me at all and are on a spiritual pursuit, then you are a friend to me! 😊

     Since I've been rather generic in my approach to the physical appearance of this blog (using Blogger; disabled comments), I can appreciate that this looks like your typical old-school blog that possibly doesn't get much traffic. I purposely did this for many reasons (I am an Old Soul, after all..), but I would like to find a way to make a community out of this. Over the coming days, I will be looking into how I can transform the site into a new look and layout without too many hiccups. Alongside this, I'm going to continue to post more often and am starting a series where I take you through a deep look at specific healing modalities that I've learned.

     If you're recently discovered me and haven't had the chance to dig back into my history, then you're in for insightful reading when you have the time and will. In an effort to keep a short-ish overview of my journey, see my Biography page. After years on this path, I have become an Intuitive Healer that specializes in healing from trauma and sexual abuse. Any Empath that is looking to pursue this path of healing has an open invitation to become a member of my Empath 101 BETA Group - please contact me to learn more. 

     I hope you're enjoying the content and as always, feel free to reach out if there's something you want to ask me! I enjoy these opportunities to find something to 'answer' or explain more of.

Until next time,


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