Not for the Faint of Heart

Happy New Year!
Happy 2nd Anniversary to Empath Confessions!

    Yesterday, I was re-watching a video that I made and I was floored by what I was saying! It was a 15-minute long video that I recorded for my online program, Empath 101, that was a brief introduction to meditation [for those that have never practiced]. I had recorded it not even 6 months ago, and with great confidence through what I've studied, yet I had to pause it and decided to remove it from YouTube. It's not that what I was saying was wrong or bad, but I now realize that present-day me would be able to explain it a lot better.

    This made me realize how much I've changed during 2019. It was so significant that I had to reflect on all that I went through and achieved. While it's not completely wrong, I will say that everything I would've said and believed before was just a scratch on the surface of the truth. During the year, I obtained 4 certifications and began my ascension through Goddess and Priestess practices. The self-healing, revelations, and shifts were (once again!) life-changing and are to thank for the development of my spiritual services. I was able to heal myself in ways that I never thought imaginable, and it has allowed me to move onward with my life.

    Along the way, highly sensitive me stopped to wonder a lot of things; Am I imagining anything? Am I getting close to the line where I'm considered "crazy"? I admit that I've heard horror stories about those that either go into it too fast and/or for the wrong reasons, who simply aren't ready for it, and do end up going downhill mentally... I feared that happening to myself even though I knew deep down that isn't the case for me. The more I spoke up on my thoughts, feelings, and visions during sessions, the more confident I got as I received confirmations that my intuition is correct.

    I share this information because it was all a learning process for me - and it will be for you too if this is the path you're pursuing. Like everything in life; everyone gets better through experience! I have a coach and program to thank for both learning and practicing it, which I had no idea I was missing until it happened. Having said that, it wasn't easy... which brings me to my point of it not being a journey for the faint of heart. It's transformative work because you need to heal yourself first in order to serve others; which we know is something not everyone is ready and willing to do. I thought my everything changed the first time around (when I awakened), yet this process provided the same effects - but it doubled.

    For starters, I will say that the work I did along with the new practices I've learned has changed everything down to my daily routine, but these changes caused my gifts to get stronger. There was a significant activation that expanded the reach on my intuition, so I had to go through the motions while learning how to handle that. The many healing methods I learned changed me as a person as well, and proved that I could actually find a way to feel relieved of the effects my childhood abuse had on me. My recent posts (The Lasting Effects) was a form of final closure / declaration of the truth, and allowed me to move on confidently as I've done significant inner work to heal and let go... My throat chakra was just aching to be used because it was suppressed in the past.

    This work was heavy and had no shortage of tears, fear-facing, energetic shifts, and periods of deep contemplation from heavy emotions that required even more healing. As I became more vocal about my truths and my work, people began to fall away from me once again. Having a new and healthier perspective changed my interactions with others - I either could not agree [because I saw words came from a negative or toxic standpoint], I no longer had much to say [to those that I knew lied or have found ways to try and negate me], and I faced sudden ghosting [from those intimidated by my progress or ignorant to the childhood truths I spoke on]. Being sensitive, compassionate me, I admit I've always considered and been sensitive to others' perspective of me... but a recent session changed that thought forever..

    As part of my training in my certifications, I was required to do case studies and a lot of this took place as exchanges with fellow Healers in the program. I found that since they had NO idea about my past, they were shaken to hear that my story was filled with trauma. One of these women was curious enough to inquire further, but was moved for a different reason -- immediately commenting that one couldn't guess the amount of pain I've endured considering my energy & personality now. This was very touching and served as a great reminder that yes, I've come a long way in such a short period of time... but it wasn't without a bunch of bumps in the road.

    I tip my hat off to, and have respect for, all others alike - that walk the path of a Healer and those that have done this work. Inner Alchemy became a service that complemented Reiki.. which sums up the most transformative healing I've experienced to date. The biggest lesson I've learned is that you have to let go. Letting go means being able to accept, acknowledge, and allow your thoughts & feelings then using the appropriate follow-up practice (ie: Inner Child work, Ego Transcendence, Forgiveness) to heal from it. You want to be willing to accomplish this work or else visiting it [on this level] will leave negativities and unhealthy attachments, putting you in a state where this healing seems completely out of reach once again. Nobody wants that to happen to anyone and it's counter-productive to the process!

    It isn't easy work, but it's also extremely rewarding to learn and achieve as much. If you're ready to learn more about developing and empowering yourself -- reach out to me! I appreciate helping those that are new & skeptical [because I've been there] to learn and adapt to spiritual practices & beliefs. There is unlimited potential and magic that awaits those that pursue this path with purpose and intention! You just have to be ready to face the darknesses that await - no lightworker can do their job without learning to take control of the shadows... there's much more involved in it then what meets the eye.

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