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My Wedding Nightmare Story

    The more I connect with people through growing my business, the more and more I've realized how important it is to be completely open and real about myself - not only so my clients can be comfortable with me, but so that clients can relate to and trust me. All in all, it's become easier to be an open-book by having these opportunities to be so public about my life... and let's face it: it gives people something to think about when it relates to something in their own lives. Because of that, there's no shortage of material brewing in my drafts but one thing that surprised some to learn is that I have a wedding nightmare story . And who doesn't like to read about those?! I never used to, but after experiencing and seeing how a wedding somehow opens the door for people to show their true colours, I found myself getting caught up in the "who was justified?" part of such stories. Want to know what happened to me?? Read on...    It's a fact that my husb

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