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My Story about Addictions

  There's a HUGE stigma surrounding mental health and addictions that has everything to do with misconceptions ... but the #1 assumption that's haunted me through the years is that people who don't understand think you are broken, that you're secretly a crook, and assume "addiction" automatically means you are hooked on hard drugs. I've had some very hurtful remarks and assumptions thrown at me over the years anytime I tried to shed a little bit of light on the fact that I had problems at home -- something that makes it even harder to want to talk about it when we need to. The worst comments came from the people that have accepted it as "normal" to remain in unhappy situations while constantly complaining about it, those who's motto is to work/live for the weekend (of heavy drinking), and some that just don't believe mental illness is real. It was crushing to be told things like "well, I've had a worse experience and I'm

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