The Healer's Burden

    If there was any way for me to go back in time - about 8 years if I had to narrow it down - then there would no doubt be a lot that I would tell myself about the road ahead. For starters, I didn't know how hard or long that road was going to be. Even though I now find myself in a place where people that just meet me are wowed by my story of the obstacles I've overcome and the circumstances I used to be in... it isn't until I get home from such interactions that I'm able to think about how damn hard it was! I preach how achievable it is because I've already proven that myself - and it IS possible - but now that I'm done with that transformation, I'm still stumped on the fact that there are no amount of words that can truly explain how deep and life-changing this process was. I could write a book about it all which is why I opted to start this blog, yet here I want to get real about the hardest lessons I've learned since becoming a Healer.

    My journey as a Healer first started when I became a Reiki Practitioner following my own time as a client. The sessions I received on myself became more than enough proof that it was real, and like many people I meet as clients nowadays - the innate ability to naturally heal is revealed early on. I had a theory that this is why some clients see and feel the effects of Reiki more-so than others, but I've come to find that anyone who's open spiritually reports experiencing very ground-breaking messages and physical sensations (purging) during their first session. It's difficult to "sell" this work to anyone closed off to it or approaches it with the expectation that it's fake - because this means they're already expecting it not to work; which means they may energetically block it out. For someone like me, this understanding is completely transparent & obvious, and it's hard to tell someone they're not suited for it.. when really, they're just not ready for it. Yet the truth is EVERYONE can experience benefits... leaving the hard work to Healers to make that breakthrough with people.

    Where this leaves us with is with having extra considerations in the building blocks that are our business. We serve with the purpose to help uplift people.. whether it through truths that we intuitively channel, energetic realignment & release, or whatever teachings we can pass onto them. This work is all about EMPOWERMENT, which is why it's discouraging to see politically-driven writings that basically call it bull. Sure, there's some bad apples out there but it hurts because this work was the very reason I changed my life for the better after all the years of therapy and medications that didn't do a damn thing for me. I don't hurt anyone else and in the very least, I certainly don't intend to - yet I find some people get scared by the fact that I gave a voice to the truths they're afraid to admit. Fair enough.. it's always a matter of time before any person is ready to look within and make needed changes; but we struggle with the scrutiny from those that think we're hurting them when all we're trying to do is help. It hurts sensitive beings like us to know there are so many false assumptions about us, but it's easily counter-balanced by all the people that tell us how much better they are for having us in their life.

We preach about positivity, love and light, and all things that look like sunshine & rainbows to others,
only because we know looking at life this way can sometimes be the ONLY way to achieve your dreams.
But what some people don't see is how we struggled to become the Healer we are today...

    Wherever you are in trying to put yourself out there to do something impactful, there's always haters. It's sad but true, and it's a harder pill to swallow when you're on a path of lightwork. But what made me begin to get more comfortable with it was due to the reasons why people were hating on me in particular. They don't even have to interact with me in order for me to read into the fact that they're mostly jealous/envious. On the one hand, some distant friends & acquaintances haven't wanted me to succeed because I took complete control of my life and stopped working the 9-5 grind - meanwhile, they remain in jobs they hate or have stopped putting themselves out there as healers. So I create some of my content with them in mind, purely with the intention of providing tips on how to take control of life and follow your heart to make decisions & changes. On the other hand, I've also tried to make friends with those that would be considered my competition - purely just to befriend them and not with any negative intentions - and watched those prospects fall apart. My support network aside (which was created with people I trained alongside), I've been finding this effort to be a complete gamble.

    The latter was a tough one to deal with only because it left me scratching my head. Spiritual teachings and communities are based on the facts that 1) we are ALL capable, and 2) it's all about inclusion and recognizing how every person in unique in their methods and abilities. We should be embracing each other and leaning on each other... not ignoring each other. I had to conclude that perhaps some people weren't coming from the same understanding, and it pains me to try to understand why that is. This - along with the near-constant messages from other teachers trying to promote a program to teach me things I already know - is just another factor in having my own spiritual business that I've gotten used to. Add to that the fact that I've received numerous messages from men that want to hook up, and engaging with my audience has been a journey of its own. Bottom line is that I learned to take the good with the bad, and remind myself how I will still get through to the people that matter. Sometimes, it's all about timing...

    Timing is exactly how a lot of this works! Like preaching self-work early on in the pandemic - a time where a lot of people sunk deeper into themselves, but because of that, weren't yet ready to do this work - I knew the best way to be in service is to provide as much free content as possible. It's a hit for any business because it means we have to put the time and effort into products and sessions that we'll never get paid for, but it's an ice breaker. I've learned that it's best to determine (early on) what types of information/content you're willing to give out for free and what should only be reserved for paying clients. This can help any business owner in determining their plan for offerings, marketing, and so much more - which makes it all much easier to do. This was one of those lessons I wished someone told me earlier... as I spent my first year and a half in business (pre-niche) just throwing all my modalities & related information out there, resulting in me missing the point in the true value I was offering.

There have been times where I've wanted to scream & cry, like when only teenagers wanted readings on their soulmate..
many times where I've wanted to give up because I had weeks with no paying clients..
and there have been times where I've been stuck on cloud nine thanks to watching my clients transform,
receiving overwhelmingly positive testimonials, and private messages of love & support..
I learned to take the good with the bad, and every day as a new day.

    Yet, I also feel the need to touch on something I briefly mentioned in my previous post on here.. which cited this topic today. There's a darker side to being a Healer which not many talk about because we're so focused on the "love and light" that we know is part of our mission. It's no secret that you can't become a lightworker without knowing how to heal shadows, protect against and remove negative energies & entities, and transform the ego... which are all dark factors. This means we've literally had to learn how to combat the dark to ascend with light, therefore making us no strangers to it. In part, this is essential to dealing with the dark presences that accompany our clients, and for that reason, it can become a challenge to work with them. Not because it's hard or because it will require more work than originally asked for, but because there are layers that need to be peeled back before the client can reach a certain level of healing. This is why I've reported that I've read things about people that I can't reveal to them - from a legal standpoint, I don't want to incite a potential problem, but also from a personal standpoint, that information wouldn't serve them any good in their current state.

    And to top that off, there are - unfortunately - a lot of people out there that are confused about the true nature of their own abilities. There are various reasons for it which range from inadvertently using black magic to having an attachment to a malevolent entity to speaking with spirits that are of dark energy but posing as a "helpful" guide. The latter two are different because they can both apply to the same person... causing them to have strong, falsely-placed belief. In these cases, it's proven to be easier to smile and nod, just doing the best you can with what they'll allow... because anytime I've tried to be helpful about stepping in the right direction, it's often met with resistance. Bottom line though: I'll always be there, available, and ready to provide feedback and suggestions.. but at the end of the day, that may be all I can do. This is another lesson I've learned to just accept. Much like how I've exerted my energy and gone overboard to please clients that fail to see the full transformation I've guided them through, I've also had to kindly and politely resort to repeating myself and recognizing that 'maybe all I can do with this person today' is do my best and hold space.

    At the end of every day, no matter how it's gone, I have to remind myself to take the good with the bad. Through these realizations mixed with my inner knowing of how powerful this work has been for myself and my clients, I fully accept it. Thankfully, it's not very often at all that clients leave my sessions feeling a lack of anything, but the odd experience with it seems to be a reminder - and test - of dealing with the uncomfortable. We have to learn to hold space as our primary focus, and allow our intuition to provide the appropriate words and healing that will help the client in that moment. The more I learned to LET GO and TRUST, the easier and more impactful my work has become. It's not an easy road to walk, but for those of us that do it with purpose and the lifelong intention to help others better themselves, it becomes an interesting ride full of surprises and revelations that further shape us. Enjoy the journey in all of it's glory!

Like with any business, any goal, any path...
the more you stay true and continue to work at it,
there's nowhere to go except UP!

   Looking for some healing and guidance in your life? Whether you're completely new to spiritual practices & natural healing modalities, are starting on your path and wondering about your next step, or are establishing your business and want some feedback on your path - I'm here to help you! Check out my website and services here.

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