Awaken. Align. Ascend.

    You've likely seen it or at least heard the saying, but what does it mean? Part of the spiritual journey, especially in the beginning, is all about aligning so that one can ascend... but what does it entail exactly? Actually going through this process provides A LOT more insight than one expects, and since I've been through it, I can describe it as the processes that they are. With that being said, it definitely isn't quick or easy to get through them all.. so here's an overview to what it's like to Awaken, Align, and Ascend! Happy Reading! :)

It should be noted that everyone's journey is unique, which is why I'm sharing this as a retelling of my experience. Depending on your life's experiences, these may not be the exact same steps you take.. but it will definitely give you a clearer idea of what's involved and what to expect.

   Always the first step which begins with some form of epiphany and/or life event which suddenly piques your interest in spiritual matters. Suddenly, all that is invisible isn't so invisible and you realize that science cannot explain the miracles in our universe. We look at history and ask ourselves how we were able to channel knowledge, build communities, and heal ourselves in times where electronics, healthcare systems, and hydro power (all things that people take for granted in today's world) did not exist... and we know there's a lot we don't know because of today's modern society. It's always accompanied by a burning question of our purpose; often exasperated by our experiences in this lifetime. This is when we begin to dig up those paranormal / supernatural experiences we've had over the years (that we may not have talked about) in addition to recognizing our inherent intuitive abilities.

   Many people seek spiritual guidance for the first time once this happens because they realize no one else can help them answer these questions. What we find out is like a bomb exploding within us... shattering and revealing the programmings in our brains that we've blindly followed.. and where it leaves us is with a list of teachings to learn, a list of healing that needs to be done, practices to begin empowering our abilities, and an idea of the path we're meant to take. Those that aren't ready to begin end up stuck in a limbo-like stage for as long as they put off the next steps, for the AWAKENING stage doesn't wrap up until we've developed enough to clearly see the path before us. In fact, I will go so far as to say it's not really "complete" until we're in full belief and actively working towards our purpose in this life.

This was how this stage worked for me:
  • I had to begin transforming my life through all physical means necessary. This is why I talk about my weight loss journey on this blog because I wasn't able to achieve this until immediately after I first awoke. I also went to different therapists to sort out my mentality and begin speaking the truths I kept buried for so long because I was previously brainwashed by my trauma and abusers. It took a couple of years to get myself to a point where I was both happy and confident with myself, which is necessary to move forward.

  • I began spiritual practices that empowered my abilities and brought clarity. I started meditating and reading tarot cards - both practices that improved with time and made me more confident once I could no longer deny spirits would visit me to deliver messages, and help me pull the right cards and provide me with insight on them.

  • I started doing a lot of reading and studying. Any book or course that my 1st mentor/teacher recommended, I got and took my time with - often journaling my way through the process and my realizations. The same applied to my dreams as they were suddenly more vivid, confusing, and sometimes recurring; journaling and consulting on the hidden meanings brought more clarity than expected.

  • I came into my purpose and path in this life on my own, to which made everything "click". Previously, I was convinced that only another psychic could tell me what my path was... but you have to come into this on your own. Teachers/Mentors/Guides can give you an idea by sharing the potential they see in you, but they'd take away from the work & realizations you need to have if they told you exactly what to do. By figuring it out on my own, I was suddenly excited to become who I am meant to be. And now that I was seeing this (believing), my spiritual team started coming together to work with me. FULL CLARITY marked the point where I was ready to move onto the next stage...

   Much like how we awake and have so many questions, we arrive at a point where we think "OK, so I'm here, I'm practicing and I know what I'm meant to do.. but how do I get there?". We may have already dove into training courses and feel confident enough to begin serving others in some capacity... but again, we know there's a lot that we still don't know. People will get stuck on this stage if they either don't know what next step to take or are afraid to start healing - and that's exactly what this stage is all about. When I arrived here, I had just gotten comfortable relying on my claircognizant & clairsentient abilities NOT EVEN REALIZING that I could open up the other abilities. Through an act of attraction and synchronicity, I discovered my 2nd mentor/teacher as she was debuting her High Priestess program; a 6-month intensive training program that has so much packed into it that it took me 8 months to complete. Only through this program did I learn how to properly channel spirits for messages, healing and upgrades.. and by doing so, I connected with my Higher Self to lead me...

   In a sense, ALIGNMENT can be considered as the very act of connecting with your Higher Self, Ascended Masters, deities, etc. But where this makes up this stage on the journey has to do with where you take that practice. Connecting for the first time might not bring any of the answers you're seeking, which is why it's only a beginning. And much like working with any spirits for any practices, you can only strengthen the bond with your Higher Self as you work with them more often. An unwritten truth about channeling in general is that unless we're doing the work required of us, and unless we listen to the "passive" messages we receive in our daily lives, spirits won't be ready & willing to provide further messages to us... which is why development is essential to this stage (and for moving onward).

These are the noteworthy steps I took to progress:
  • I had to "give in" to the fact that I needed to learn a lot more which meant dropping more than $2000 to take the next step. When I was presented with the opportunity, I was honestly struggling with money - so much that I had to negotiate a payment plan and get more assurances before pulling the trigger on it. But deep down, I knew I needed to and am happy to report that I honestly found that training and mentorship to be priceless.

  • I had to work through my trauma. Even though therapy had served its purpose in the first stage, I was still angry and I knew there were invisible spiritual factors from it that still needed to be addressed. Learning how to face and heal those for others meant I first practiced it on myself... and in doing so, I removed a lot of blockages that allowed my main clair-abilities to be amplified, my other abilities to open up, and it opened the door to receiving further spiritual gifts.

  • I learned about my past lives and starseed journey, bringing forth more understanding, clarity and healing that connected me even more deeply with my purpose. This (and other daily practices) also connected me more with Mother Earth - giving me more alignment with the greater good and bringing a deeper understanding of our inter-connectedness.

  • I started to feel energy a lot more strongly and read others much more clearer as I continuously worked with it. With every practice, exchange session, energetic upgrade, attunements to further levels in Reiki, etc., a new realization came and a new door opened with my spiritual team... and my willingness to explore those brought forth unexpected surprises. With more experiences, comes more, stronger belief.. and that brings you into further alignment.

  • I must also mention that I think it helped to act on my beliefs and make sure I always practice what I preach. Spiritual work must be matched with physical action to achieve desired results, no matter what we're talking about. I began leaning away from meat-eating because it started to taste terrible and not sit right with me, I threw out all my household items and replaced them (permanently) with natural, eco-friendly & cruelty-free ones, and I swore off spending money on any unworthy & unnecessary expenses. These are just a a few of the major changes I made... all sparked by realizations mixed with a change of heart caused by my development.

   Remember that program I said I did? Truth be told, it was responsible for thrusting me through the Align stage and bringing me to ASCEND. But I've come to believe that ascension doesn't have a definitive end... for we never truly stop moving upward for as long as we continue to learn and practice. What marks this is the completion of healing work [on oneself] and recognition as a Master and Torchbearer in the spiritual realms. When I was a still a student and participating in group readings, we would only ever see our teacher with angel wings, dressed like a Goddess, and surrounded by glowing white light. This is what it looks like to have reached the Ascension stage. But I honestly didn't see that connection until others started to see me like that -- standing tall in my white dress with my wings spread, surrounded by white light and angels, accompanied by a portal of butterflies overhead (what can I say? I love butterflies and use them heavily as a reference in Trauma Healing). I thought the first time was because I was having a great day, but others have been seeing me like this since, which confirmed my ascension.

   This is the point in the journey that confirms you're in full alignment and because you're actively working on your mission, you're getting the universe's and Divine's full support to back you up. But like the previous stages, there was work & spiritual practices for it.. it just so happens that this is more of a transition that may occur unnoticed one day. It's totally dependent on you having done the work to release yourself from all binds and becoming dedicated to your spiritual work. I wish I could say there's a lot more to it than that, but the truth is that ever since this began for me, I've noticed that I learn something new every single day. All abilities are elevated in power, and I can tell that just speaking to someone about spirituality is life-changing for them because I'm channeling everything I say and do, and speaking all truths with conviction.

A few significant practices I did to ASCEND:
  • I practiced some more advanced work such as Light Body Activations, Light Body & Aura protection & strengthening, downloaded various different Light Codes through channeling, worked with my Spirit Animals, Animal Totems & Power Totems, began practicing channeled Light Language and Soul Songs, and whatever new avenues came my way. These strengthen and expand you, while inviting more power to your spiritual team and practices.

  • I healed myself in every way! Only once I dealt with my childhood trauma, my sexual abuse, my self-sabotaging mindset, my addictions, my ego, my way of looking at & dealing with challenges - literally everything(!) - did I finally feel more authentic and pure. This is crucial for every healer and reader because without clearing all blockages in ourselves, we aren't able to provide the best possible advice and healing to others. We may still be able and confident without it, but so much more becomes possible once we've thoroughly healed and transformed ourselves.

  • I learned A LOT the hard way and through trial & error. This journey isn't for the faint of heart which is why there's a lot of people that are more comfortable remaining in the Awaken stage or get cold feet when they begin Aligning, and maybe don't move on until years later when they're finally ready to face their truths and heal. I had to become comfortable being not only open, but vulnerable, to allow the full transformation to occur.

  • I had to remove a few curses, an attachment to a dark entity from childhood, and do a lot of Ancestral & Past Lives healing. For months after my wings came in, I had the insight that one wing was damaged.. but it wasn't until I became a Reiki Master/Teacher that it was revealed (and healed) that it was the result of my death in the angelic realm; which came complete with messages & visuals of what happened. These are more of those imprints and ethereal factors that one does not know about until they clear themselves enough to reach this new point of reveal.

  • I accepted that even though I took a program that was meant to be a "one-stop for all spiritual teachings", in addition to other courses, there will always be something new for me to explore. But I also had to learn to TRUST because this was how I came into my unique healing methods - because my spiritual team showed them to me. I take in everything I can learn and channel and allow my intuition to produce everything I put out into the world.

   As mentioned, this just scratches the surface with these highlights involved in each stage for me, and it hardly gives justice to the work (the blood, sweat and heaping amounts of tears) or the amount of time it actually took. Sadly, one of the hardest parts about reaching Ascension and beyond is seeing through everyone else that much more clearly... seeing everyone's trauma, potential, and the lies & false programming that continues to lead their lives under a guise that it's the opposite. Through my journey, I learned how just growing up, trying to figure yourself out and trying to find your place in this world contributes heavily to the "false" persona we find ourselves in before awakening. But a person needs to be ready to be utterly honest and open to begin healing themselves, as pointing it out otherwise just incites their shadows to "play" [nasty] and there's nothing that anyone can do for them when they're like that. For that reason, I've read a countless amount of truths & messages for others that I won't reveal to them anytime soon.

   No matter where you see yourself or what your circumstances are, know that you CAN achieve everything, heal everything, and reach your full potential -- you just have to trust, believe, work hard, and you WILL get there! We don't struggle through hardships without making room for more positive and prosperous possibilities. And if you're interested in having me as your guide and teacher, be sure to check out my Training offerings.

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