How I Make My "Rescue Sprays"

      There's something about certain scents that uplift, enlighten, and calm us, and if you know anything about essential oils then I'm willing to bet you know what I'm talking about! Today's wide use of aromatherapy has opened the door to understanding natural healing methods - albeit in a form that's easier for many to accept and grasp. Many spas and massage therapists incorporate lavender for it's calming effect, naturopaths suggest using peppermint, lemon and eucalyptus to treat minor illnesses naturally, and those in holistic healing are able to suggest concoctions that suit individual needs. As someone that started using essential oils to treat Teddy's illnesses, then later branched out to make said concoctions with my intuitive work... I have found a long list of benefits to using them.

     It didn't dawn on me to make any kind of "rescue spray" until after my first Reiki attunement; when I was feeling pulled in different directions while dealing with my heightened sensitivities and awareness.  I realized that just taking a slow, deep breath while smelling my smudge stick was enough to ground me in the moment -- something that caused a mood shift (for the better!) in an instant. With this realization, a light bulb lit up in my brain and I knew I needed to turn to essential oils to create a solution for dealing with my busy, 9-5 corporate life that conflicted with my spiritual practices. Since I was someone that found themselves either managing an office or heading a sensitive, important function such as payroll, I would find myself getting easily stressed out despite my daily practices to ground, protect, and heal myself.


     Like many, I wondered how the hell I could keep my cool and do what I needed to do. This was the very sentiment in which my rescue sprays were born! At first, they were just for my personal use.... but after a test of bringing them to my first workshop in Toronto (October 2019) and selling out, I added them to my shop inventory. Unfortunately, it's not something that can be shipped to every country -- so I've been asked how to make them instead, and I figured it's time to pass along a How To guideline! It seems so simple and straight forward and while it can be, it's really about WHAT YOU PUT IN IT that sets it apart from anything else you'll use.

     I remember when I first came out with these sprays and someone laughed... BUT if you go to any metaphysical shop, I can guarantee you that there's at least one brand of essential oil sprays available! The idea has caught on with multi-modality healers because we see the limitless possibilities, but it's often overlooked because it requires mentioning. My first set (pictured above) was intuitively created for a purpose they each serve on their own; consisting of a Grounding spray to cleanse and re-center oneself, a Protection spray that uplifts ones energy & vibration while inviting angelic healing, and a Chakra spray that awakens all primary chakras and reinvigorates them to balance your feminine and masculine energies. You can do something similar, or set your own goal(s) for your spray(s) --it's completely up to you because there are sooo many options in front of you!

Steps to Create Your Spray:

1) Select your essential oils and any added scents
You can choose your oils however you wish but if you want to create based on a goal, I suggest using a pendulum. I lined up all my essential oil bottles on a surface, sat before them, and asked which ones to use - channel with your Spirit Guides (and others) and ask them to pick the oils with the pendulum. Alternatively, if you're confident with your clairabilities, ask for the names to come to you through one of those abilities.
While completely optional, I opted to add Rose Water to my sprays.

2) Find a source of water you want to use
I sourced out a local bottled water that was certified to be from a spring - this was important to me because I wanted the entirety of the spray to be as natural as possible. Not to say all other sources aren't, but this was where I landed with what I wanted to use. Go with any water source you wish, but give this some thought before proceeding.

3) Find a preservative
Let's face it.. whether it's edible or not, almost everything that's canned or bottled requires a preservative to last long! So unless you anticipate using your entire spray in less than 3-4 months, you'll need to add something that preserves everything you're putting in it. I used Witch Hazel, but you can do your own research and decide for yourself
(especially depending on what's available to you).

3) Get a spray bottle and get mixing!
You can repurpose another spray bottle if you want by giving it a thorough cleaning first, or you can easily find bulk bottles through Amazon. Once you have everything you need, start adding your ingredients. The following is only a rough ratio because you may decide to add a bit less or more of each. Also note that these little plastic perfume/spray bottles come in different sizes so look at this considering the total volume you're filling the bottle to.

1/10 is your oils/scents
1/10 is your preservative (less is okay for smaller bottles)
the rest is your water!

That's about it!

     I suggest recording your recipe so you can recreate it next time - or make edits and make sure you have the final recipe in writing. If using a lot of oils and some are overpowering, consider how many drops of each you use... and add more of the subtle ones if needed. TO USE: Give the bottle a good shake, close your eyes, and spray yourself with it. Sit in this for a minute to let the spray settle down around/on you, and be sure to breathe through your nose to inhale the scents. I suggest pointing the spray above your head, but you can always do a quick spray on your wrist, chest or clothes for discreet & on-the-go use. :)

My newest spray product - Aura Spray!
Created similarly, I add oils as selected for one's current needs.

Ashley Tilson is an Intuitive Healer offering Readings, Healing sessions, Coaching, and crafted goods online. Specializing in trauma and addictions recovery, but welcoming all!

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