The Truth About Past Lives

   I imagine you find yourself here, reading this, because you have some burning questions of your own. Over the past 3 months as I've been healing others, I've found a lot of past lives information has been coming to the surface. If you don't believe in it, that's fine - but respectfully, I don't expect you to continue reading if you don't. Having said that, some of the things I'm about to tell you may change your mind or make you realize a thing or two...

   Firstly, I must declare that there was a time where I didn't believe in reincarnation; just like I didn't have any religious or spiritual beliefs. It just so happened that I knew a lot of things about myself that I could not explain, and deep down I knew I always carried a wisdom that's much older than the body/life I have now. As a child, I would sometimes escape to a nearby plaza to pass time, and I would often be found having a very deep, meaningful conversation with someone decades older than me; whom usually just "found" me (I never knew these people!). It wasn't until many, many years later - as I pieced together the unseen truths about myself - that I began to realize those alike probably saw that bit of light in me... and much like now, there's a levitating force that brings the right people together at the right moment.

   This activity was shocking for a child like myself... Being subjected to different forms of abuse at home, being bullied at school, and suffering from depression and anxiety - it's hard to imagine I would go off and have such a soulful conversation with a complete stranger. But it literally just happened, with no reason to say why or what started it. But to top this off, I was a child that carried on with my damaged beliefs [that I deserved all the suffering and can never escape it] while still caring greatly for everyone.. including the people that caused me harm. I could literally be broken and bloodied on my knees, and I would still be shedding tears; not just begging for it to stop, but telling the person hurting me that I can help them.

But where did this caring, helpful tendency come from?

I mostly certainly wasn't being fostered to think and act that way!
I also hadn't been alive long enough to know any better about anything!

   It wasn't until I was almost 30 and had connected with my first Intuitive for guidance that I was told I had many, many lifetimes and listed out the many interesting career paths I've taken. This information hit me in the face, because I didn't know if I believed it, but there was something undeniable... The longer I sat with that information, the more I realized how it all connected dots for me in this life. It explained many (if not all) of my interests, a lot of the knowledge I've held since an early age, and before long - it began to explain many of the recurring dreams I've always had. Finding out I was a Healer before, and came to serve a specific purpose here now, was a revelatory message that made me finally stop asking "Why I am alive after all I've been through?".

   I don't want to tell you what to believe about this, but rather that you should open yourself up to possibilities. That's exactly how I handled it for the first few years... was to just let the information come. In all honesty, I never purposely dove in for further insight unless it came up during my other inner work. As sad as it feels; even though I know that there's a bigger picture I've once been a part of, none of it means anything to anyone now. With this thought, I decided to not invest too much time on past lives.

   But then it just so happened that past lives were popping up when I healed others! One of my early clients met with me one day to address an etheric cord (that was attached to someone close but the relationship was estranged), so I went through the session completely prepared to remove it as she requested. Just as I was about to do so, one of my spirit guides stopped me and told me removing it would cut her off from accessing a past life. I can't even begin to explain how I had to seamlessly shift gears on my work, only to explain what happened after we were finished, and in the end - it highlighted the deeper connection between these people, which turned out to be a cause for the issues & emotions involved.

And this wasn't the first encounter of this kind!

I later met someone who would connect with her father from a past life through her husband. Their loving relationship had a flip switch, and it was only after this was addressed that their spontaneous fights stopped!

   Only about 75% of my clients believe in past lives, and I respect either way while still passing on the insight that I have. One of my more recent clients had a blockage in her knees that took 2 Reiki sessions to remove, and every time I worked there the word SERVITUDE was stamped and repeating on a loop. Having already sensed her reluctance to believe, I simply told her about it the first time... but the second time, I received the full insight on it's past life connection and didn't hold it back. It's a familiar story for a Healer, in fact, and it's this "stuff" that we bring forward with us that instills the beliefs we have coming out of the womb...

   The last time this client saw me, we had to briefly talk about this again. Much like how it happened with me, the information just needed to sit with her long enough that she began asking the right questions. Having a similar history, she told me about how she recalls being a child and promising her younger sibling a better life all while the world around them was hell -- something that's reminiscent of my childhood. I flat out asked, "How do you think it was that you decided to be that person.. as a child? Did your parents teach you to be like that?". Surely, we know the answer to the latter is 'no' and that everything began to click into place.

   There's a new way that I explain spirits & souls to newcomers, and it's purely based on my experience so I always welcome feedback -- we all have a soul, which is what makes us truly unique and ensures that our physicality is not a true reflection of all the morals, values, achievements and thoughts we hold. Yes, our physical body is our vessel (which is why we must take care of it!) but our soul is what makes us more conscious and aware. Sure, you can consider the mind and spirit to be intertwined in a sense - but if there's anything I've learned as a whole from my work it's that you use spirit to alter the mind, and with that you can also alter the body. Think about it; when you're stressed and worn thin, you can be more prone to headaches, backaches or injuries, and this can escalate to the shoulders and neck.. but let it all go and these issues alleviate themselves. 

   And on the flip side of this is explaining how reincarnation can be possible. Many spirits linger on Earth if they're not ready to move on or have their own plans to stick around here (looking after a property or loved one, for example). If someone accepts passing on, they have the option as to where they go.. and of course, the options depend on how they spent their life here. The bottom line is that if you believe reincarnation is possible, or that someone is watching over you after they pass, then you already believe in past lives. Some newer souls take more work to open up to it, but old souls like me find that the information has flooded them for so long that it really ends up being about putting together the puzzle when we do believe in it.

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