What It Means To Be Spiritual

      Times have never been tougher, and everyone recognizes this. Regardless of the reasons for it, we've all found an opportunity to reflect on a deeper level - whether it be having too much time to think about the things that have been left unaddressed, or experiencing a change in perspective now that you're considering the "bigger picture". The bigger picture isn't necessarily anything specific... it can be about where you really want to see yourself in the future or simply seeking which role you can fulfill during and after the pandemic. Whether it was job loss, death in the family, or just having to adapt to the changes needed, there's been a lot that's made us look at our bigger picture.

     I know this well. Despite all the good that's come my way in the past year, I experienced big changes, job loss, and death since the pandemic began. It was enough to make me take this time to focus purely on myself and the things that I can do... and reviving my spiritual business ended up at the top of my list for reasons that can fill a page.

     It's not much of a secret that more and more people are opening up to spirituality. At such a crucial and life-altering time on Earth, many are suddenly feeling pulled to learn more and explore this side of themselves. Everyone is unique in this regard, and no one is exempt from accessing it unless they will it to not work. Much like how we look after our physical & mental needs, we can also experience more of ourselves by looking after our spiritual needs. Everyone can unlock spiritual (Intuitive) gifts and gain the ability to heal!

     There's a lot more to it then that.. but I know that it all happens when you're ready - which is exactly why a lot of people suddenly become Intuitives & Healers at a later age. While I'm seeing a lot of people now that are just beginning to realize & believe their abilities, there's also many that are slowly starting to open up through seeking an alternative healing method; to help them cope with the pandemic, loss, or whatever the case. Little do some realize that they're serving their spiritual needs by simply smudging themselves, or carrying a crystal with them. And yes - for some of these people - the thought of unblocking their Intuitive channels is just a bit too much for them to feel comfortable with right now.

     And that's okay! You can take on practices without dedicating yourself to a path. To me, what it means to be spiritual is to embrace this aspect of yourself and HEAL with it.

     Many of the healing modalities are seemingly forgotten practices that are gaining popularity now that more Healers are out there to learn and spread their knowledge. And while many rituals and understandings vary, it's all about finding which ways are right for you.

     Anyone that's done the training (or similar programs) I've done can attest that you can't arrive at this point (as a Master Healer) without undergoing intense healing on yourself. While years ago I couldn't have imagined spending thousands of dollars on these courses and programs, I knew when it was the next step for me. Before even seeing myself as a spiritual person & Healer, I had my time with several life-changing therapists.... but when my recovery was all said and done, it still felt there was something else -- that I couldn't see -- that needed to be addressed.

     And just as my gut feelings (Intuition) were trying to say: There were energetic attachments to be removed that ended up shifting my mood; as it released my bindings to past unhealthy relationships. There were profound Inner Child sessions that led to me facing my traumatic memories, which in turn helped me speak up about them. The list can go on.. but I think you get the point; we don't know what we can't see, until we do.

     As someone that arrived on my path when my jury was still out on religion, I can tell you that they don't have to be one and the same. While I respect those with religious beliefs, I personally cannot subscribe to a religion and therefore can tell you it does not stop you from doing any kind of spiritual work! If anything, my spiritual work has allowed me opportunities to gain further insight on religion, and it hasn't been brought forth as a condition when I've worked with any religious figures for channeling or healing purposes. As long as you approach this work with open-mindedness, gratitude and respect, it does not matter where your devotion lies. Granted: I want to note that you have the option to stick to your religious beliefs if you prefer.

     For some, being spiritual means meditating for several hours a day... and this may (or may not) be in addition to morning & evening rituals. For those that are a bit more laid back, like myself, it's all about daily measures (protection, cleansing, etc) and being conscious & aware in every moment -- making decisions based on my morals and Intuition -- while utilizing healing practices as I see the needs arise. A lot believe in strictly following a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle as part of their practices; which is something I personally only began considering once I started feeling unpleasant emotions and smelling blood while eating cooked meat. Again: practices and beliefs are something one develops for themselves based on their personal experiences... so my advice is always to explore and go with the flow.

     But there is one thing that you can do to help develop your own at-home practice, and it's universal no matter what you practice.. create a space for spiritual work. Whether it be for meditating, cleansing or just having a safe spot for your tools & supplies. Create a corner and an altar dedicated to your practice! You can hang up a spiritually-inspiring banner, decorate your altar with flowers, crystals and candles, place pictures or statues of Goddesses, Animal Totems or Ascended Masters you like to work with, and let your creation take the lead. I personally took a short wooden bookshelf and repurposed it into my altar, which holds my supplies, tarot decks & books on the lower shelves -- you can do the same with a dresser. There are no guidelines to follow so have fun and make a space that leaves you feeling calm!

     The long story short is there honestly isn't a right and proper answer on what's truly a spiritual lifestyle. So many beliefs differ when it comes to magic (for example) that the arguments would be endless... but one truth remains - we're all using the same gifts & channels to do our work, it's just that the rituals & invocations, etc. are different*. It's what you make it to be, and a lot is based on intention through your own practices and beliefs... and trust me, it helps to absorb information from all sides then see what sits right in your heart. Spread your wings in the directions you feel pulled and before you know it, you'll be face to face with the answers you seek.

* I want to note that Black and Blood magic are still being practiced in today's world with ill intents, and I unfortunately know this fact through helping those cursed by others. As a Healer, I personally condemn any magic done with ill intentions, but don't necessary label it all bad just because of a few crabby apples!

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