My New Rural Life

     I was a city-born and raised child that couldn't imagine living any other way. Being in walking distance of essentials and having everything you can think of within the city's limits was the only life I knew. With such convenience, I often wondered how anyone out in remote areas managed... but as I got older, my assumptions [on how hard it would be] turned into curiosity. As I began to realize how self-sufficient one would have to be in order to live "off the grid" (so to speak), I began to realize how appealing that lifestyle was looking to me. Being a DIYer that's become passionate about being eco-friendly, a lover of nature, and an Intuitive Empath yearning to return to my roots, I made it a life goal to relocate to the country.

     As I awoke to my gifts and began empowering myself, I struggled with the effects that city-life has on me. For me, it's not just about being able to read everyone.. it was also the crowded spaces, buildings and all the energy that's left lingering from everyone's actions, in addition to some other spiritual factors that I haven't yet revealed. No matter how many boundaries I put up, or the fact that I utilize various protection methods on a daily basis, it's still something that can drag me down if faced with too much in one day. I stopped believing my methods were broken (because they're not!) and began considering whats best for me. Much like how I've taken to staying off social media to limit my exposure to other energies, I now agree the same "limit your exposure" lesson applies to where I choose to live.

     When I realized that living with this feeling (the hustling, anxious energy I often encountered in public) was causing my anxiety, I knew what I needed to do... and it involved me relocating to a much-less populated area. I longed to feel one with nature and have a home that's my own little paradise. My husband and I - involving our dog, Teddy, in all our vacations - were used to renting countryside or lakefront properties that were in driving distance, but far enough to feel completely disconnected from the energies of cities. So when we had to consider moving at the beginning of this year and landed on the idea of buying our first house, we agreed to find the country home we thought we could only dream about.

     It all felt surreal! Just days before the pandemic was declared, we were sitting in our realtor's office signing the offer on the house we wanted. We were worried that the whole process would fall through as we not only worked fast to beat out another offer, but fell into the uncertainty caused by the pandemic (delays & unavailability for services, furniture, etc.). Yet as May rolled around, it seemed nothing was stopping it -- almost suddenly, the house was ours and we were trying to figure out the best way to move given all of the circumstances. This process brought some unique challenges and questions, but instead of writing a "my experience buying a home during the pandemic" post, I'd rather start a series on my new rural adventures.

The view from the driveway/road. There's much to be discovered within and beyond - why I fell in love with it!

     Upon revealing our home purchase and imminent move, I received a variety of reactions from others. My close friends and those within the spiritual community were excited for me - noting how many are feeling driven away from cities more recently, some with their own plans in progress - even feeding off of the pictures and details I could share with them. Some that may feel some resentment or jealousy were quick to criticize the location & lifestyle change without even asking any questions. Whereas I am focused on how happy, cost-saving, and liberating this decision has been for me, I found others were most focused on $$$$.

  I, too, used to be hung up on the picturesque idea that I could only lead a productive & fulfilling life by getting into a big-wig company in the city and working my way up to a 6-figure salary position, etc., etc. -- but what does that really mean to me at the end of the day? I worked my way up and found zero fulfillment and a lack of happiness! When I sorted through my priorities and served up my own forms of happiness, money just deleted itself from the equation...

In fact, my luck has been so good lately that I've been too afraid to share the facts!

BUT I finally want to share all this because it was a lesson to be learned. 

ANYTHING is possible when you set your mind to it!

The universe recognizes and gives back to those who work hard!

     It is a big change nonetheless: I traded city living and it's many conveniences.. but for an acre of private paradise in a village surrounded by farms. I used to be leery about even introducing myself to my neighbours (and vice versa) in the areas I used to live, yet I knew my new neighbours before we even completely moved in -- their overwhelmingly-gracious kindness extended to mow our lawns while I was here alone prepping the place. I've been told this is a place where "everyone knows everyone", there's no need to lock your door (the many dogs that live around us serve as alarms anyways! lol), and help is only a phone call away. We may be a 10-minute drive to the nearest gas station and grocery store, but I personally can't imagine anything better... The energetic shift is highly obvious and nothing short of refreshing! Most of my anxiety has already been relieved.

     Avid readers of my blog know that I started out on the low-end this year -- I was laid off from my part-time job and the Spring events that I was going to have a booth at were inevitably cancelled. Just as my plans to ramp up my marketing efforts were set to begin, the impending pandemic put it all on hold. In light of all this uncertainty, the last thing I thought I would do is buy a house! Yet nothing else seemed to make sense... I knew I just had to move onward making decisions in my favour and deep down, I just knew that doing so would open doors for me. And open doors it did!

My new herb garden! Pic is post clean-up where it still needed fencing (and something to fill the empty spot).

     Let's face it: We have all had to make some serious considerations this year. I did too - I knew that since I now have a mortgage to look after, I want to ensure there's never a concern with my income. I was actually ready to start applying to jobs again when the first door opened -- one of my past mentors reached out to me. Here I am, sitting amongst the only space not piled with boxes, having a Zoom video call with one of my spiritual teachers that I look up to (while trying to tame my sweaty packing look!)... and suddenly I feel a new leaf turn as we discuss some projects to begin working on. No questions asked, my answer was YES!  Opportunities like this should be grabbed... especially when the very idea reinvigorates you, as it did for me. Of course: just as I began to get comfortable with that work, inquiries from new local clients started coming. Being proud of who I am and showing others ways that I can help them has begun to bring the right people to my circle.

     And now my life is forever changed... I've been very hesitant to say I'm now "living the dream" but in ways it's true -- my days consist of getting up in time to feed Teddy and let him out, where I sit in our enclosed back porch enjoying the morning, then tending to my gardens as I need to. Now that I completely work for myself I have the flexibility of working in any spot at any time, taking the time needed to prep and attend to my booked appointments - which is really the only schedule I need to be strict about. At night, I enjoy the view of the stars from our hot tub or while sitting out by the fire pit. Even though I know I've worked so hard to get here and know I have earned it, it still hasn't quite settled in that I've achieved the dream I thought I would never have -- In fact, I would rather share this with others in any way possible (considering opening up to retreats if and when that could be possible!).

Regardless, just know: If this is what your dream looks like, GO FOR IT! It's worth it!

     And since this transition is big for me, I invite you to stay tuned to this Rural Living Diary series to see what adventures I find myself in!

Until next time,


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