Nothing As It Seems

     I want to take a moment to personally wish you well during this time - I sincerely hope you and your family have managed to stay healthy (and my sincerest condolences if otherwise). As always, I'm sending love and light out to anyone that opens up to receive it!

     As I finally begin to settle in at my new home, I feel the itch to get back to writing. For me, this blog has served many purposes; 1) It's help me connect to other great souls, 2) It's served as another form of therapy as I share the tough experiences I've had, 3) It began as a form of resource for identifying as an Empath. I realize that as I grew, I grew away from explaining the basics, etc. as my mind not only expanded on my understanding of it all, but as my own personal experiences changed. If you're an Intuitive Empath that has not yet adopted any spiritual practices and is still looking for further confirmation, then I suggest reading my older posts (2018) for more "beginner" content.

     Along with each stepping stone in my growth, I found that I almost didn't know what to write about here. At one point, I wanted to revisit all my old posts and update them... but that's an undertaking that I feel would only cause more confusion at this point. I still stand by all that I've wrote before, but note that now I have a much better, deeper understanding and I would probably explain it a bit differently. This is why I was drawn to creating workshops and programs for Empaths looking to get started on their own development during my first year of business. If you'd rather go through a program/course to be taught the practices you can start doing, then I welcome you to contact me directly!

     Since I've also learned various healing modalities and added a lot of experience to my belt over the past couple years, I've also struggled with how to get my messages across. I would love to write more posts that purely explain certain spiritual practices & healing but struggle with trying to keep them within a reasonable reading-time (I've tried; they end up being essays that remain as Drafts!). It also came to my attention - with the growing popularity / uptick in readers - that many of you do enjoy reading about my personal experiences. So as I start yet another new chapter in my life/journey, I'm going to start posting more -- about myself and to explain more spiritual practices. :)

     I decided to title this Nothing As It Seems because I want to shed some light during a relatively dark time. The pandemic has been weighing heavily on us, as Psychics, in MANY ways. What I'm seeing can only be put into a list because there's no one way to summarize it...

1) Those that were established in their business (Healing or Readings) experienced a surge in bookings - for reasons related to #3. As great as it is, it's come with it's challenges as we experience the energies and the issues brought forward..

2) Those that are already work with Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Archangels, etc. found a reignited energy, and began thriving in their own energy due to lockdown circumstances. With the streets being cleared out, nature beginning to see a comeback ("freedom!"), and all the time for self-reflection - it's never felt so calm even with the virus threat amongst us.

3) Generally speaking, everyone's shadows came out to play after so long in lockdown/self-isolation. Many saw things that they didn't see before - either because they were so busy with other things, or did not have/take the time to do some serious reflection [until now]. On the flip side, those that harbour ill intentions (and quite possibly attachments to dark entities) acted in "exposing" ways and nevertheless have to face their reality. And those that are highly sensitive found an ignited curiosity to learn more and develop themselves through Healing, as their soul tells them "now is the time"...

It's because the veil has never been thinner!

     In a lot of cases, we're seeing the dawning of a new time - one where we're all equals and accepted for all that we are. Unfortunately, this requires working out a lot of kinks but it's all necessary to highlight the very facts and morals that some seem to overlook or disregard. Stay strong, keep positive, and search within to find the answers you seek -- we can no longer afford to rely on others to make crucial decisions for us. We all need to speak our truths now more than ever.

     Even as I experience what is potentially the "big break" that I've long been waiting for, I remain with a heaviness from recognizing the suffering happening all over the world. Even if we, as empowered Intuitives/Healers, have our ducks lined up and have what we need, we still have our moments where pain leaks in. Whether it be from channelling/healing a client that's struggling with life-changing decisions, picking up a negative energy or attachment from someone we encounter, or simply taking those moments each day to tap into the outside world so we can send out positive vibes.. it's never hard to find a doorway to our emotions. It's being able to face it all, heal and remove where possible, and carry on with our day, that allows us to stay grounded and positive.

     The other day - as I was re-writing my recent post announcing my move - I was hit with sudden guilt. It's a recurring guilt I've experienced since childhood, and always related to feeling bad about having something good happen [to me]. Since I actually hadn't experienced this since I intentionally healed childhood-related issues last year, I was stumped... until I realized I was just feeling bad that my "something good" came at a time where it's the opposite for many. Above all, know that I share my stories to connect with you and to share some good, and hopefully encouraging, news.

     And with this little update, I want to give you an insight into the direction I'm going to take the blog: I will be making posts specifically on spiritual practices amongst personal updates and stories... and I will be taking a more direct approach with a lot. There have been some experiences of mine that have recently resurfaced so that I could re-examine them, and so I'll take you through some very deep and spiritual experiences. Stay tuned to read further! :)

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