Resiliency through Uncertainty

     I've learned a lot about myself already this year... but I actually have to admit that I didn't do it through spiritual means. The universe threw me a few lessons this year that caused me to turn inward and I feel it's worth sharing as I ended up noticing my resiliency throughout it. Perhaps, if you can relate to any of my circumstances below, you'll find some inspiration or assurance herein.

     The general feeling lately is uncertain.. that is for sure. It's been just over a week since COVID-19 began to "shut down" Canada. As of now, all non-essential businesses have been ordered to close and everyone has been told to stay home. As someone that lost their day job earlier in the year, I was already filled with uncertainty before our current situation even began and so I find it doesn't add more stress (but instead just rightful concern) to my plate. The job loss and everything that followed it began a new chapter in my life that has ended up serving me in many ways...

     It all comes as no surprise though. As the Earth experienced a huge shift at the beginning of this year, many of us felt an upheaval of emotions. Buried emotions boiled up to the surface, seemingly out of nowhere - returning to make us ask questions. Many found ourselves questioning decisions we've made, and what decisions we can make to create a better life for ourselves. Then as we went through Mercury Retrograde (late February to early March), the heat was on! The uneasy feeling worked as a force for action. Some may have been forced to make life-changing decisions quickly, some found a fueled passion to power forward on projects, while some found the time & need to do some serious soul searching.

See, here's the thing though: I'm not immune to this happening to me too!

     2020 has already been a roller coaster for me, but it came as a platter of unfortunate events. My work hours slowly began to be cut back upon my return in the New Year, and then quickly dwindled upon citing a need to cut the company costs. Having this uncertainty, and all effects it caused, was a setback in itself. Not only was I trying to ramp up plans for my spiritual business, but I was preparing for upcoming events - all things that required financing. While this situation did create instability at home, I did one thing I do best - I made adjustments to get by comfortably and pledged my newfound time to focusing on my business. Onward and upward, regardless of the situation, was how I chose to view it... even though it was unfavorable and somewhat painful - but I honestly can't think of a better (and more positive) approach.

     It's usually these moments of uncertainty and desperation that we can find inspiration to change course, or reach for something that was previously unreachable. I chose to see these trying times as opportunities for positive change even though they were imposed upon me and at the worst time.

     So I went ahead and announced my Masterclass for late February, I scheduled myself for two public events in March, and I was working on the final details for everything when I was delivered the next blow: I need to move out of the house I'm currently living in.

     So here I am posting a countdown to my Masterclass, and I'm suddenly needing to move while I have no steady income...  (F#CK!!! Where do I even begin?!)

    I don't think I have to tell you how having no security makes the possibilities seem bleak and non-existent. My husband and I went back and forth on our options, but we knew there was no easy answer. Having done my search for a new place to call home, I knew it wasn't feasible to stick around in the area - we could not afford the prices as they are now, so we were back to the drawing board of contemplation. Before I knew it, I was turning down job & event opportunities because I couldn't commit to sticking around. This situation itself caused complete uncertainty - more so than not knowing when or how I was getting paid next!

     I ended up going through with my Empaths Unleashed Masterclass without advertising and thankfully still had a response/attendance to it. But needless to say, I really had to force myself through it. The lingering uncertainty of no job/income and needing to move hung over my shoulders as I went live for the classes. It's not that I had to paint a face on, but let's face it.. it kind of felt that way. For someone like me, it feels wrong to be dishing out advice on self-care and being your best self when I have my own personal issues to deal with. But I'm glad I did it because not only did I gain the experience of going live to teach others, but I was pleasantly surprised by how flawlessly it poured out of me - and how much I had available to teach! It's one of those experiences that proves to oneself that sometimes you just have to give yourself a push...

     See, here's the truth about me: Old me would've curled up into a ball, spent my days crying over the circumstances, and wallowed in self-pity while waiting for someone or something to "save" me.

     Had these events happened to me 3+ years ago, I would be completely lost, depressed, and quite possibly feeling suicidal. If I had my business (which I can't imagine being possible!), then I would've abandoned it and cancelled my Masterclass at the last minute. What is different now is my ability to approach issues, which is all thanks to my spiritual work/healing. Instead of proceeding into that depressive state that I had been comfortable with before, I now approach each problem with a willingness to come up with an action plan and move forward. The universe likes to teach us life lessons (in the form of sudden life-changing decisions) to allow us a chance to choose which path we take forward. Look inward, seek out your needs and desires, and devise actions that lead to a happier and more prosperous future for yourself! You now have both the choice and the chance to do so by being put in such positions.


In an attempt to break these issues down into information that you may find more useful, see the following:

How I approached each situation:

I lost my job through no fault of my own [fact]
I considered all possible options in front of me, including support for job loss [possibilities ahead]
I accepted this by spending more time on my business while exploring job opportunities. [action plan]
"I can find another job if I want to. If I've done it before, I can do it again." [positive reinforcing self-talk]

I lost my confidence in showing up for my Masterclass due to uncertainty [fact]
I considered who I would've let down and the credibility I'd risk by skipping [possibilities ahead]
I gave myself TLC time and invoked spiritual protection & guidance before each class. [action plan]
"You CAN do it! It's no different than when you explain this stuff to a friend!" [positive reinforcing self-talk]

I was faced with the sudden decision of needing to move [fact]
I explored all options that were available in all areas of interest [possibilities ahead]
I finally decided on a house that I absolutely fell in love with upon viewing. [action plan]
"I can find work anywhere. Having a home I love improves all situations." [positive reinforcing self-talk]


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