A Word on the Pandemic

     I now have a lot more time on my hands and so I've begun writing more for this blog. In all honesty, the last thing I wanted to do was create an article focused on COVID-19, but now I feel I need to say something. It's a growing concern all over the world, and now one that grows exponentially by the day. Needless to say: I'm in complete self-isolation and am only offering my services online until further notice.

     As I was already spending the majority of my time at home due to losing my job, I've been taking this adjustment well. I rarely go out to socialize because of my dog, I work from home for my business, and with such I was already used to only leaving the house to complete errands.

Yet I admit it does feel different now...

     The general energy around us is filled with concern and uncertainty; it's practically inescapable. The truth is that it is a reality that can't be ignored or wished away - it spreads quickly and it doesn't choose who to infect. Knowing that a percentage that test positive are in fact asymptomatic (meaning they don't feel, or present as, ill), we have to be as cautious as we're being told to.

     Wherever you are, I hope you're doing well! We will get through this if we all take the measures to prevent further spread. Stay home, and it'll only be a matter of time. 💜

     It's during times like this (where emotions are high and mixed) that I need to detox myself from social media. I'll purposely refrain from checking Facebook and creating content myself, and the only news I'll check on are official updates and press releases from trusted sources (government, health officials, etc). There are a lot of false assumptions and information floating around... and we need to be diligent in doing our own research. Please don't accept any facts without seeing that there's information/proof to back it up! This is sometimes as simple as finding other articles that reference the same information, also quoting an authority source that's tested it and/or has reason to make such statements.

     This started to tick me off because right off the bat, some in my circle seemed to think that it wasn't a threat - that they could go about their days and events as normal and not be worried about it. Some think this will blow over in a couple weeks time and suddenly the world would return to normal. But then on the other hand, I have my friends on the front-line in healthcare that are downright terrified - they say the problem is bigger than what you'll hear, and they're worried as supplies (namely masks and ventilators) are running out.

     But nothing bothered me as much as some of the things being shared from the spiritual community.. and this is what really pushed me to begin writing about this...

     One thing that I really want to talk about here is my spiritual view during the time. I had a feeling it was going to become a bigger concern, but it's still scary to see how quickly that has changed. I had a preview via my day job; which was a small business providing online retail that relied on products coming out of China, wherein we saw both a drop in sales and a struggle to secure products at the beginning of this year. Before long, this contributed to me being let go from that job and I felt like all I could do was watch this all transform in front of me.

     The reality is that MANY people are sick, and people are catching it quickly. It's killing MANY people as well, which is heartbreaking. I've personally seen some in the spiritual community refer to this as a necessary and monumental change/shift for Earth and humanity. Some have gone so far as to say (in more delicately selected words, of course) that it's that "world catastrophe" we have long since been doomed to experience.

     Upon seeing such explanations, I was infuriated. Do you really want to tell your Grandma (the elderly) and your cancer-beating friend (the immune-compromised) that they deserve to die?!

NO Divine authority would truly wish that upon us!

     But I have to admit - there may be a sliver of truth in the tale they're trying to tell. BUT - and it's a big BUT - it's not about anyone deserving to die...

     For many years now, I've been certain that our planet is barreling fast towards disaster. We know this is pending on the environmental aspect (I believe the recent fires were another warning sign), but no matter what does occur in the world, not many seem to wake up to the reality in front of them. It's no secret that technological advances and crowding have depleted the expectancy and health of the earth.. yet I still see cities being built up with no attention to measures that could curb the environmental issues that causes.

     As I know the problem is too big for me alone is exactly why I've dedicated myself to the new lifestyle habits that I have; buying organic & vegan products, recycling everything that can be reused, composting, relocating to a rural area in the near future - to name my top few. I pray that by being another person that's taking such measures, and hopefully leading an example for others, contributes in a way that can one day make a difference. But we're not quite there yet... in fact, sometimes it feels that the darker energies of this world (ignorance) still overpower us.

This is why we must not waver in our beliefs and our lightwork... 

     If anything, I would agree that this time is meant to create change in this world. As countries lock down and need to depend on unity to make it through, we're slowly beginning to see a needed shift in humanity. We need to realize that we'll all in this together - but that fact doesn't just apply to the pandemic.. it applies all the time! If there's any positive at the end of this tunnel, it's exactly that; we need to grow stronger in our relationships to each other [and this world] and move forward with such an outlook.

     No matter where you are, I hope that you're at least taking this seriously by being concerned about how not to catch and transmit it. My thoughts are with you all at this concerning time, and I encourage you - especially if you're now stuck at home, like me - to take this opportunity to do some Inner Work (soul searching, reflection) while filling up your time with hobbies. Tap into your creativity, play like a child, unwind in a bath, read books, savor this free time for yourself.. anything to make it feel like a staycation, and I promise it won't feel as anxiety-inducing! 

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