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The life of spiritual work is a never-ending journey, and there's always more to learn! This was something I realized early on, but I have to be honest - I did not imagine how limitless this path was going to become. If you had asked me a couple years ago if I thought it would be possible to speak to Spirits, I wouldn't have been able to give you an answer as I honestly struggled with that connection. The point that I want to make though, and the story that I want to share here, is that we often dim our light and limit our potential by having expectations that would affirm that. Unless you reach for the stars with the outlook that you can do it, then you will struggle with that being a possibility for you.

Firstly, I will just throw this fact out there: I personally don't like using the term "psychic" for a few reasons. One being that previous to my endeavors, my perception of psychics was limited to what I saw on TV. Whether it was a famous psychic spotlighted with a show or a psychic-medium that visited haunted houses - that's a rather intimidating expectation to live up to if you're just coming around to your abilities. These psychics have had many years of development and experience in order to get to that point [in which we know them], and I see that it's because of this that most expectations are put on psychics & healers by the general public. As someone that has developed their abilities, I can say that all expectations need to be thrown out the window - each of us has a unique way of using our abilities for others!

    The general public is another reason I've been leery to call myself a psychic; some think I'm a voodoo/witch churning a crock of sh*t, some aren't sure if they want to believe and need to become a client to make that possible, and some respectfully hold their own judgement based on what they know. Sadly, I've been noticing an increase of fraudulent psychics lately... one recent that comes to mind had operated in my current city, scamming someone out of tens of thousands of dollars (for one simple concern/request) before being called out. This is a disgrace to our communities and the work that we do -- seriously: I would need to be working with a client for years and with countless (hundreds) sessions before their total bill would be near what some people have been scammed out of! Our only hope now is to restore faith for those that lost it due to these occurrences while trying to bring the light to those that haven't been exposed to it.

     With that all being said, I have noted that it's been hard to gain exposure and traction as a Spiritual Healer for all those reasons. Similar to how shifts during my awakening saw that people and habits left my life, I've seen the same shift happen again when I pursued the path of a Healer. Most of the time, it comes from realizations that your intuition surrounding certain people/situations is correct and it can no longer be ignored (the truth: it no longer serves you). Sometimes, as I'm finding more often with this shift, it's due to the disconnect from others - from friends that no longer see us the same because of the work we do or feel intimidated by our abilities & life changes, from significant others who feel a loss of connection because they're not spiritual, and from anyone that may outright disown or judge us for our spiritual beliefs & practices.

     It can be a very isolating road, which is just another reason why I created the Empath 101 program -- to provide that understanding, guidance and support that you may not find at home. Thankfully, there's been comfort in joining programs and networking with other Healers... we have all struggled with the same emotions and concerns, and usually all at the same time! Getting involved with other Healers has also proven to be a great practice itself - I cannot tell you how invigorating it is to be a part of a Healing Circle where we all share messages for each other; super powerful!!! Through these interactions we've all realized that we need to trust our intuition more (yes, even those thoughts or insights that we brush off belong to someone!), and that our abilities change as we ascend.

     As someone that first identified as an Empath, it took me awhile to finally feel into the Intuitive & Clairsentient side of myself. My spiritual awakening was brought on by a change of mindset - when I sought to better my life by following my heart, learning to say no, and returning my focus & priorities to myself - which accelerated when I succeeded at the one goal I previously could not accomplish: losing weight (50+ lbs). From there, it felt like a downward spiral.. but it was only "down" in the sense that I felt I was learning about my true self for the first time; after digging up repressed memories of abuse and healing as a survivor. It wasn't until this process was complete that my channels started opening up...  

     Yes, being an Empath does mean that you are Clairsentient! I find that what happens is we're too caught up in the energetic vortex of people - just trying to get through our every day - that we shut down all other messages & abilities. Ignorance is one of the best ways to suppress these gifts, but at some point we feel the overwhelming call to seek our purpose and empower ourselves. For me, this led to the discovery of my capabilities by meeting my first psychic for a consultation. Only when I started healing on a spiritual level and learning how to protect myself, I was finally able to interpret the messages I was receiving through all abilities.

     No matter what your experiences are now, know that you can develop yourself into a psychic! Because I was primarily a feeler of energy, I did not expect that I would be able to experience Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairvoyance, etc. But I was wrong! It's only when you start paying attention to the messages, working with them, and seeking further connection and information that you realize all of these abilities are ready for you to use. Once I accepted it and started a daily practice to connect with my Higher Self & Spirit Guides, the other abilities came into play. Now, I'm almost sad to say that I actually don't identify as an Empath anymore -- sure, feeling energy is still my strong point, but I'm now finding that my Claircognizance and Clairvoyance are my most active abilities.

     The point that I wish to convey here is simply this: even if you only identify as an Empath or Clairsentient (or other Clair-ability), you CAN activate all abilities. Sometimes we have a resistance at play, which just requires some soul searching and healing to clear. Sometimes it's also as simple as connecting and actively working with our Spirit Guides - the work (and our appreciation) has to go both ways in order to strengthen this connection. Whatever your story or starting point is, know that with some dedication and development you too can become a powerful and confident psychic & healer!

     Before I wrap up this lengthy post, there's another point that I want to share which I have learned along the way. I used to get frustrated and take breaks from channeling (connecting with spirit) any time I had an experience where I didn't receive any clear messages for myself. Upon reflection, I realize that these instances were more of a healing connection as I did feel and see their presence. Obviously, some expectations were playing a part here so I had to learn to let them go. Regardless, I would be able to have this experience, and then hours later do a healing session for someone and receive an abundance of messages! When I brought this up within my network of Healers, it was widely agreed upon: It is much easier for us to receive messages for others than it is for ourselves. While this can be off-putting for some, the reassurance lies in finding that Soul Tribe of spiritual friends that can regularly connect and bridge these gaps for each other. Rest assured, this happens and it is not a reflection of your capabilities!

If you have any thoughts or input you'd like to share or discuss with me, let me know!

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