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Greetings friends and readers!

   It's been awhile since I've posted, but I have a lot of personal news to share...

   I've been super busy focusing on my business and the Empath 101 program (which is currently open for enrollment in the BETA!) so I haven't had much time to look at the blog. Rest assured that I still want to keep this alive, and I hope that you'll continue to find reassurance and relativity with my posts. Please check out my website to see the various services that I offer and to connect with me on my social media accounts!

   Some of you may know that a lot has happened to me this year! My year started off with the heartbreaking near-death of my dog and so my full-time focus has been him. He's doing much better now and I can honestly only attribute that to the fact that I didn't give up on him. He wasn't expected to make it through the nights that he was in hospital, so I did the only thing I could think to do (which, I must say, is not something I've done before) -- pray. I focused my love and good intentions into this energy that I wanted to transmute and I worked hard at it. If anything, this proved to me that the mind is a powerful tool that can control more than what we believe to be possible. Through the countless tears, sleepless nights, me having to sign DNRs and being told to consider euthanization - it was a very emotional ride in which the vets are still shocked by the turnaround; that's all the proof I need!

   Although I had already been practicing Reiki, I immediately signed up to become certified in person. In my country (Canada), we have an Association that acts as a governing body for healers and they only register you if you've been certified by one of their Masters/Teachers; the criteria is also that you've had 8 hours class time with a practice session, and it must have all been done in person. Initially I learned from a course that I purchased online... but I knew I wanted to be registered and I also found myself wondering if the online attunement really "took" (because it's prerecorded - turns out this is why the Association is against this training). I will say that there's something very different about being attuned in person - not only is each person attuned individually, but there is a lot to be said about the energetic shifts that accompany that setting. And for the first time: I physically & mentally felt the attunement settle in over the following weeks.

   It wasn't long before I was healing my dog on a near daily basis. I have used Reiki to calm him down and bring him back from concerning situations. While it's true that he's as good as can be right now, his diagnoses ensured that his lifestyle changed - his resulting conditions require a strict medication schedule, a stress-free life (lots of naps!), and a strict diet (I cook for him now; lucky dog eats better than I do!). After a couple months of daily healing, I saw that I only needed to provide him with healing on a more situational basis. Now that I was actively working with Spirit Guides, I found out (by trying it based on an instinct) that I could leave a Spirit Guide with him to provide ongoing comfort & healing.

   Fast forwarding to now: Teddy is still alive and happy, and I focus on my gratitude for this every day. I realized that I could've given in to depressing thoughts along the way (and I won't lie, there have been a lot), but I know that my practice of gratitude and love has been essential to keeping myself grounded and positive. Since these realizations all came together, I knew I needed to progress further right away and I enrolled myself in a 6 month program to become certified as a Priestess of Light. This program and it's work has been transformational -- my abilities developed further as I learned to work with Spirit to provide Intuitive Healing - guided meditations utilizing a mixture of Inner Alchemy (Shadow Work, Ego Transcendence, Inner Child, etc.) and Reiki, which have all been accompanied by messages that I received from one's Guides Higher Self. During this process, I was also certified in Reiki II, which I noticed also helped progress my abilities.

   In such a short span of time, I have come a long way! As always: I do NOT share this to gloat, but to assure you that no matter what, anything is possible! I started out as an Empath that awakened from a life of negative tendencies and repressed abuse and came to realize that I am an Intuitive Empath... but now, I'm ready to begin seeing myself as the psychic and healer that I have become. As I teach at the beginning of my Empath 101 program: Empath is only the beginning! If you feel the calling to heal & develop yourself on a spiritual level, then know that there's so much more ahead of you!

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