Empath 101 - Truth

    Even as a developed empath, you know all too well how heavy the effects can be. If you’re like me and are pursuing a career helping people, then you know how important it is to understand how it works and how to keep it in your control. Having said that, I’m sure a lot of us are just trying to find a good way to put this ability to use anytime we deal with others. With that come a lot of emotions in the forms of what you pick up, and what is shared. Sometimes the harder emotions to deal with can be the secrets you keep (the shocking/hurtful thoughts that instinctively seem to pop up at certain times).

    I’m going to try my best to not reiterate some things that I’ve spoken of in previous articles, but there were some points I mentioned that I feel like expanding on. In this sense, control is in the form of discretion. Recently, I wrote about being in a situation where I heard life altering news that didn’t surprise me and actually explained my previous/recent thoughts and intuition on the persons involved. In the moment of receiving the news, I used my shock of “oh, it did happen!” to maintain my surprised response to the conversation. Even though I’m disclosing some of the new details about myself to close friends, I continue to keep certain thoughts a secret unless there’s a reason to bring it up.

    This brings me back to a point I made about how there’s certain thoughts that you wouldn’t dare bring up unless there’s evidence (hence why I refer to them as the “shocking/hurtful thoughts” that become secrets). Most of you easily register a few of that idea I’m sure, but for those that want clarification – I’m talking about the thought of someone with a secret in the form of a terrible addiction, cheating, betrayal, or information that would hold weight on someone significant to them (whether past, present, or future). Just going through that list, it’s easy to see why this is the information you don’t necessarily want to be imagining unless it’s true, and sometimes you just have to wait and see what unfolds.

    There are more reasons why you shouldn’t just go ahead and share these thoughts right away, and it’s not limited to the possible repercussions you may face. One thing that I’ve learned from observing and reflecting on certain situations is that even if and when you feel reason to bring it up, it may not be your place to do so. While we can flourish from being the person that addresses it for those seeking an answer (due to their own reasoning), it’s not for us to provide the idea. Another crucial lesson I’ve learned along the way (and is one reason why I think I’m still learning this about the hard stuff) is that everything, even the tough stuff, happens for a reason. This is really why we must silently hold these thoughts.

    Call it cruel if you want, as I know I have given my own experiences in life. Even when I was meeting with my Intuitive Life Coach and coming to terms with my discovery, I asked why it is that I’ve been put through so much. Her answer: to shape me into whom I’m to be. It was very hard to argue with that considering the rare experiences I’ve been through, even though I still wish a lot of that would’ve been different. But that is a truth that applies to a lot of things in life, including these secrets – some people would rather be without help or guidance, but that means there’s some crucial life lesson for them to endure. Whether it’s learning not to trust people as much as you have, learning how you failed (as a partner) in a relationship, or pushing yourself to become a stronger person after hitting rock bottom, there’s always a positive outcome to be found at the end of a terrible situation. And this experience is what shapes everyone as a person.

    If we were here to warn everyone about everything that would happen, people wouldn’t know how to operate on his or her own. Much like the issue with technology, people can be too dependent on being told what to do and that defers one from needed experience and the process of exploring & deciding for oneself. As helpful as we can be to coach people in the right direction when they’re conflicted, or provide an insight on prospects, we’re not here to dictate any one’s narrative. On the flip side, we can use the positive potentials we see to encourage one in that direction – but only if they’re receptive to it and see it for themselves.

    The one perk about picking up on such things is the ability to aid ourselves, and those close to us (as we choose to). One lesson I learned for myself was that clearing my clutter allowed me to think and connect more clearly, which allowed me to notice what I pick up on much easier. And that’s just the beginning as we can use this ability in everyday situations to figure out what to do.  One example I can share is my experience within workplaces: I pick up on the emotions of co-workers, sense the problems, and if it’s something about the environment or company/management that I can confirm and I know I’m not going to be happy if I stay - I bow out peacefully. I also use emotions I pick up on to know how to react to others – this has been beneficial as a “pop-up friend” that offers a chance to vent, and/or a positive chat, which always leaves everyone feeling good.

    Sometimes you have to go with your instinct and follow it to find out what it is you’re picking up on. Speaking the truth, being true to yourself, and following the signs you receive becomes the new way of living. No matter what trials my journey takes me through, and the uncertainty still ahead, I know being this way is still putting me on the right path. As I spoke necessary truths to people, I also began to notice I could finally get what I needed… even if it meant finding out where not to turn. Despite the roller coaster it may sometimes cause, truth is your best friend now, and you should embrace it in every way possible.

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