Co-Piloting an Empath: Honesty & Acceptance

Hopefully, if you’re an intuitive empath and you’re in a relationship, your significant other understands and respects your abilities. My husband and I had a conversation when he revealed his skepticism — he didn’t know what to believe and didn’t want to be pushed into it. Although curious about the readings he has seen me do, I've kept my practices private. I do not impose either the practices or beliefs on him.

Surely this conversation will come at some point, even if it’s not intended. If all is well, it will be as understanding as possible. Having no religious ties throughout our lives, neither of us initially had confidence in these explanations; except for the fact that I could now finally explain myself, and it felt right. For my spouse, he simply accepted that’s what it is and respects my new lifestyle, but does not want to be forcibly involved. Although it would probably be interesting to have a spouse (or friend) with the same hobbies, I don’t think there is a better outcome than to accept & respect it.

One important aspect that we ended up discussing was the topic of honesty. Looking back, I realize (almost as if it were drawn on a page) the times I physically picked up on a lie, which was later revealed to be true. Because I was unaware of my abilities, I suffered physical ailments as a result of not “seeing” what I was actually interpreting. Now that I know what it is, I had to ask if he was okay to agree to not hide anything from me going forward (alternatively, I would end up pointing it out). Maybe it sounds like a tall order, but as a happily married couple: we decided it wasn't an issue.

I only mention that point because I’m sure a lot of others have had to bring this up. Everyone has their own background, relationships, and boundaries, but we come to a point where we realize we harm ourselves more by remaining passive in certain situations and relationships. My husband and I used this chance to better our relationship; it seemed to be no better time to do this than when you start this new chapter of your own life.

To the significant others out there: I hope you do feel you can accept the new lifestyle as it plays out. Be honest if you can’t, as we can understand why. Explaining it all to my husband, and how it affects me, helped his understanding - especially as he realized how it explains some of my behaviour and past health issues. Before recognizing my abilities, I suffered from various mental illnesses, severe eczema, and IBS. These conditions made it hard for me to work, or even leave the house, at times. However, since starting my empowerment journey, these issues have significantly improved - which I attribute to the reduced stress I now experience.

This just goes to say that both sides should realize how this affects the empathphysically, emotionally, and mentally – and recognize how this affects our lives. As far out there as it sounds, it has made a world of difference; both for me and for the life I've been building with my husband. So believe me when I say though: You are in for a magical treat if you stick around! 

For me, it all came down to respecting each other without forcing anything upon one another. By loving each other enough to not care that we don’t 100% agree on this one thing, it wasn’t a problem for us. Over time, my husband saw me become a better person, which furthered his acceptance.

The acceptance conversation can possibly go another way – which I would hope is not the case for anyone, but is a possibility. For myself, I decided that I couldn’t maintain relationships where my abilities weren’t accepted. I needed to prioritize my happiness and well-being. I deemed that necessary as I intended to put my happiness & well-being in the front seat for once. I’m not trying to persuade anyone on how you decide it should go, but you’ll want to consider what you think is best for you. Everyone has the right to decide where they stand and want to decide/learn and be completely honest about it all. Yes, it will take time, and patience, with (hopefully) understanding. Keeping an open and curious mind is what allowed me to open this door, after all!

To the newly awakened: You will need patience and understanding when presenting this information, and be prepared for any reaction. Blunt, but true. If the conversation goes well by you, just allow everything to transpire over time. Whatever position you look at it from, a period of adjustment will be almost imminent (skepticism, acceptance, development; whatever the case may be for it.). Even if you’re not in a position to have this conversation, at least consider where you stand and what you would need for your future.

This may not even seem like an important conversation, but I can’t tell you one other person I’ve met [like me] who hasn’t ended up losing a relationship or two as a result of their reveal. Whether it’s simply removing yourself from toxic relationships, or worse yet – family & friends that laugh at you, there tends to be a divide surrounding your own discovery. As scary as this time may sound, it is also a necessary string of events that will leave you at peace with yourself; as you later realize how happy you are without that negativity in your life.

No matter which direction these conversations go, or even who you have it with, I hope you have the chance to do right by yourself by being as honest as you can be. In the end, we realize we’re all too good at picking up others' moods and emotions – we might as well utilize this information for our own personal good if nothing else.

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