Because it's a Never-Ending Journey...

    It's no secret that creating a business brings forth a whole new set of challenges and learning curves. I've heard it many times before and I know through simple trial and error that you can't just create a website, throw up some posts about it, then just sit back and wait for the customers to start coming. I first put myself out there back when I was just a Tarot Reader and Reiki (Level I) Practitioner, and I remember having this realization that it was mostly for the practice.. I was no expert in the beginning and I started off with zero supporters. So when that realization pushed me to go for more training -- then fast forward to when I became a Master and watched my practice blossom -- I slowly began to realize the true scope of having a spiritual (heart-centred) business. Even with the monumental transformation, all the shifts that followed, and how I'm able to advise and coach my clients through breakthroughs now, there are certain things that continue to pop up and dampen my mood when I least expect it. Read on to learn about recent experiences that toiled with my mind...

    There's no short way for me to summarize everything I went through during the month of August, so I'm just going to go ahead and start talking about it - journal style. With everything reopening locally, I stepped up my game when it came to my network and started collaboration projects. Whether it was an online program with another international healer, a combo package (like the Facial & Reiki package @ Glitz Spa, Prescott), or just guest-speaking, I reached out more than I ever have. The end result = August (2021) was the busiest and most profitable month for my business to date! It's a celebratory milestone for any business.. and I have to admit that I was on cloud nine simply because that's how I feel when I get to do this work on someone else. If anyone needs to ask; I ABSOLUTELY do this work because it's what I'm passionate about, and that's the fire behind my business & the reason that keeps me going through the trying times I've had. 

Tired but happy...
Taken after a day of mentoring groups & doing 1-on-1 sessions
(THIS is that cloud nine high!)

    Through pure synchronicity, I had the urge to transform my business to highlight my Trauma Healing niche just as some of my idols were dropping that seed of "breaking 3D models" and offering workshops for it. For the past 2.5 years, I've been swamped with messages from coaches pushing the whole "make 6 figures a month" sales call and it got annoying pretty quickly! My thoughts are: Good for you, but I'm not dropping another $2000+ on another program when I know your methods won't work for me. Go figure, these people are always inviting me to their private Facebook groups which results in my feed filling up with advertisements (with a lot of pics of them on always being on vacation, in their Mercedes, etc) -- and this is just one reason why I've decided to no longer use Facebook. But still, just knowing they're there and seeing them flash their money doesn't do the rest of us any good! I've since found out that most of these coaches are just teaching the "private group sales strategy" as well as buying fake followers as a get rich quick scheme, but that doesn't sit right with me. IT'S NOT WHO I AM.

    Yet I wondered... well, if these people turned themselves into millionaires then there has to be SOMETHING that I'm missing. I first went back to my most recent teacher (turned friend) and she said "Nooo. You learned everything you needed to with me, it's just all high-ticket, one time sales schemes they're selling.". As reassuring as that was, I admit I was still bothered by it! I mean, I'm not doing badly - in fact, I'm comfortable - but as someone that wants to be fully booked every day, I still have a little ways to go. So I did something which easily turned into one of the most confusing things for my business.. and it was to go back to the entrepreneurship centre I previously had dealings with. Don't get me wrong: There's absolutely nothing wrong with using them (hey, I got free consults with other experts this way), but there's something about spiritual work not applying to "regular" business strategy that they don't recognize...

Don't be afraid to show yourself to the world!
As someone whose business is thriving off word of mouth (NOT from
social media or other websites), I had to learn to branch out.

    If you've been following me on Instagram for the past year or so, then you've noticed I've changed my strategy a few times. This was purely due to the fact that every expert I've dealt with has told me to approach it differently! First, I hired a social media girl was did great, but it just about being social & having fun.. and then very few people were booking me online because they didn't realize I was offering services. When she left for maternity leave, I hired a marketing guy that helped me figure out themes and just using it to give advice.. but then the experts through the centre picked my work apart over my absence of calls to action. So I thought, okay.. let's be salesy! BUT I HATE SALES! That is my weakest point because I don't want to tell anyone that they need this work - people should come to me because they know they need this work. It's as simple as that because trying to transform someone that isn't ready or willing means I overexert and go out of my way, only to wrap up with a client that doesn't see or appreciate the value of the work (not to mention, it won't fully integrate due to resistance). 

    So where did this leave me? Somewhere in between, scratching my head while experimenting with new content to see what sticks. I completely revamped my website (for the 6th time, haha), made sure my client testimonials are always viewable on Instagram, and I just pushed forward with every opportunity that came my way. It's funny to think about it... but the reality is that all the new clients I had this summer came to me through word of mouth, only checking out my website AFTER hearing about me (and none of them follow me on any social media platform). So I had to ask myself why I'm spending so much energy focusing on it. It's a bigger question that we should all have when it comes to anything we spend too much time and energy on because usually, we're putting an expectation on it that we shouldn't. This marked the beginning of me treating my accounts as more of a journal and teaching/sharing portal, which relieved a huge pressure off my shoulders. But then something glorious happened to completely warp my mind..

One of the biggest lessons I've learned is that you should just
BE you and DO you. Especially in 1-on-1 services, it's about
connection... not being pushy with advertisements.

    In the middle of August, a client was referred to me for the purposes of Inner Child work (a major component of my Trauma Healing sessions). Upon seeing the need to put them through a process, it was only appropriate to put them in one of my programs. Everything went amazingly... in fact, in just one week I watched them go from lost and unaware of the scope of their trauma, to wearing a proud smile and basking in the confidence & clarity to make some needed positive life changes. This client became a shining example of the transformative work that I not only went through, but now facilitate for others.. so I thought it would be another gold star on my profile (so to speak) to have their testimonial. After giving it some thought, this client wasn't comfortable writing a testimonial. I was taken back! Even though it was clear they didn't want to share because it was personal & sacred, I began to question what went wrong or if there was something I said that influenced this. And even though I knew I did nothing wrong, I was crushed; I thought I couldn't further grow my business all because I couldn't get this testimonial.

    Writing it out makes it all sound silly -- such is the power of journaling (right?!) -- which is why I decided to share this experience here, like this. For almost a full day, I was reeling in the conflicting energy that these thoughts (of not being able to succeed) provided. I had to keep telling myself it wasn't the end and remind myself that I have testimonials; this single addition won't make or break me. I KNOW this work is transformative and that's really all that matters! The quicker I was able to release myself and truly believe these bumps were inconsequential, the better this ENTIRE situation became. I don't have to prove myself to anyone and that's a statement that everyone (no matter what path you're on) needs to come into realization with. Your life, your path, your truths - it's all right for you and you are the example of your knowledge and experiences. Such is the truth in spirituality too... So learn to let go, allow, and give yourself the love you know you deserve! Life is a journey and we're always learning something new about ourselves & others, so don't sweat the small stuff and JUST BE YOU.

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