The Reality of Vampires

     I'm not here to tell you I bumped into an actual blood-sucking night owl of a person but after some recent thoughts I've had on the subject, I want to talk about what I've come to understand about vampires. Earlier this month, I was once again face-to-face with a loose bat inside of my house - which no doubt triggered me to think about it! But alongside that, I was reflecting on how it related to me after hearing other intuitive's talk about their past experiences with either being, or knowing, a vampire. In today's world, there are energy vampires everywhere - and it just takes recognizing the tendencies of one to begin counting how many you may know personally. If anyone is looking for a good show with a reference to one; watch What We Do In The Shadows (the TV show)!

    As you see with the energy vampire in that show, it's about leeching energy from people through interactions of any kind. And yes, one of the giveaways is that these people get a kick out of stirring people up - it's just entertaining to them and makes them want to do it more often. If they know anything that they can bring up to make you upset or angry, they will do it and laugh about it. It's an absolutely terrible behaviour, but it's true that these people exist. At the root of it all, there's some buried trauma that they refuse to acknowledge in which they feel gives them permission to behave the way that they do. Because of that, they can bleed you dry when it comes to your sanity, your finances, or anything else which they can get out of you.

As a lightworker, I keep a close eye on the moon cycle to either do or avoid
certain rituals, and deal with the effects of the Full Moon (there are many!).
[Picture taken in December 2020]

    That is why it becomes so much easier to identify certain people as vampires - because they may not bit you and suck your blood, but it sure does feel that way in the other actions that occur. And when it comes to energy workers, we can feel the emanated, pulsing, leeching aura that accompanies these people before they even approach. Even if you're not someone that feels energy (yet), there are telltale ways to identify the many "personas" that vampires have... For one, I've found that the worst leechers are people that many genuinely feel sorry for; even by just looking at them. Now I'm not saying that these people DON'T have legitimate reasons which make you feel sorry for them, but a lot of the time they don't take any positive action to fix their problems and instead [secretly] prefer the attention that feeling sorry for them gets them. And in some cases, you find out they were never as innocent as they led you to believe.

    Reflecting on this made me realize that I grew up with vampires - an assortment, to be precise - and all the trauma I endured turned me into one too! As an energy-sensitive person, even though I didn't recognize that truth at all, I became angry and leeched off others by dwelling and feeling sorry for myself. One can feel sorry for themselves, but nothing changes without action... which was something I didn't know how to do since I had learned to live life through being the pity-party. For those that are simply suffering but know there will one day be another way, you become a simple leech. For those that have sunk so low that they're okay with criminal (or just downright hateful) activity, they become inflicters of pain which create new vampires. Being with one of these "inflictors" is like being held prisoner, and their very words are sometimes all that's needed to leave you shaking and fearing your death.

Smudging after being out in public is a big priority in my books!
After encountering so many different people - including a vampire or two -
you do need to "sage away" their vibes so that you can detach from them.

    Having experienced both ends of this spectrum, I could tell many stories but would rather refrain from that here. All you need to know is that if it feels like someone is always taking and never doing anything for themselves, all while leaving you stretched thin because you feel an obligation to help them - then you more than likely have a vampire among you! I remember feeling nothing was ever good enough, I could never do enough no matter all that I did, and that I would be forever leashed to these people -- all before I turned into one myself; undoubtedly, because I was young and felt there was no other choice. But when we hold a pure heart and the innate ability to heal within, there's an internal voice that keeps you from going over the edge and keeps you trucking in hopes of hitting that turning point that finally unleashes you. This, in turn, makes us a target to other vampires - energetically, they know that they can use us.

    Which is where we circle back on the reality of narcissism having such a hold on Empaths, because let's face it: most (if not all) vampires are narcissistic! It's basically the same effects and relationship, wherein Empaths feel obligated to help these souls (because the need is there!), but begin digging their own graves as they continuously aim to please while seeing no end in sight. Such people made me believe that I was living my life to fulfill their needs and satisfaction, which is exactly how I lost touch with myself. Only after my eye-opening spiritual awakening was I able to see how unhealthy the relationships were for me, and how much they changed me (in a very negative way). First things first if you're closely attached to one: go to counselling to get professional help evaluating the relationship, and only after this process can you begin to decide how to proceed.

Don't be made to feel (and look! LOL) like this!
We all know that NO healthy relationship should make you want to tear your hair out...
Think about what all that stress is doing to you long-term  :(

     I still find it somewhat weird to call people vampires, but after reviewing all their tendencies.. why wouldn't you?! I was appalled with myself to recognize that I once leeched energy from people too, but I forgive myself knowing it was learned and that I've changed to become the opposite. If you are able to objectively look at this and know you need help, then rest assured that there's no judgment! We all start somewhere and the best of us only do what we do because we've had this kind of personal experience. And if you want to begin to heal this issue at the spiritual level, consider an online healing session. :)

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