Some Truth About Reiki

    Becoming a Healer was a no-brainer for me.. because as an Empath, I was able to feel the possibility of it before I even wanted to pursue it. Growing up, it was ingrained in me to heal others even when it was at the cost of neglecting myself. Little do others know that during my few tries of going to college, I had spent time in both the Practical Nursing and Personal Support Worker programs. While life-changing factors saw me leave school each time, I never lost touch with my passion of wanting to help others. I share that because in retrospect, I know it all happened to set me up for this. So when I awakened and it was recommended I receive my first Reiki attunement, I knew I had to say 'yes'.

   Since I've had the pleasure of befriending other Healers and serving & mentoring clients, I've found it much easier to explain Reiki. There's a great deal of results that can come from receiving Reiki, but I'm now certain that it's always dependent on the will of those involved. At this point in time, I've been exposed to a wide range of scenarios that vary from "deeply concerning" to "out of this world", yet it's so hard for anyone outside of us to understand it. While I usually tend to be tight-lipped about actual practices and rituals, I'm now deciding to let everyone in on some of my knowledge about Reiki (to date).

   Reiki works by facilitating the type of healing that's needed on the spiritual body. Those that keep spiritual practices or work with energy in any way are able to experience the effects firsthand during a session... while those that are skeptical and/or closed off to their spiritual truths can literally block Reiki from carrying out it's full potential. I've met clients and Healers who - even though they like the idea [of Reiki] and want to be a part of it - block their intuitive channels and can't feel energy/Reiki because they don't want to do the work that's involved. This is something I've told those who have discussed it with me, but it's a truth that needs to be said.

   When it comes to other Healers, it isn't always their fault... As a Reiki Master/Teacher, I frown upon pre-recorded attunements (as part of an online certification course) because they don't always work. Each attunement works by being done on the individual which would require the Teacher to channel the individual, and which usually requires extra measures (like a quick Reiki boost) for integration. In some cases, yes, someone that's spiritually ready for an attunement may be attuned by a pre-recording, but generally speaking it's just not a genuine experience for the student.

   The first time I was attuned to Reiki, I was already a Crystal Healer but I was still very new to Healer practices in general. So it goes without saying that I wasn't yet used to working with energy - and all I could feel was the heat coming out of my palms whenever I performed Reiki. But I'll be honest, it was months before I felt anything more than that... but practicing more often was what helped me progress. It came out of nowhere - suddenly noticing the new sensations when I went to practice one day - and it was only the beginning. It helped me shape a quick guide that I now share in my manual because they're tips I'm repeating to a lot of fellow Empath Healers:

  • Blocked chakras will feel like they're "dead"; lack of energy, small and shrivelled. Using pulling motions, facilitate the removal of blockages until you can feel the energy return to the chakra.
  • Injuries & illness will have a pulse. You'll feel a throbbing in the area of a past or current issue that's ready to receive healing, which will likely also have blockages to be removed.
  • Underpowered/underactive chakras will feel as expected -- weak. Use your symbols and heal to get it back to it's optimal state.
  • Whole body balancing is usually needed at the end of the session; once you've gone through both sides. I like to use Beaming to surround them and then work from the top down using an infinity motion to weave the energy evenly across both sides.
   As you develop yourself, other factors will start to pop up during Reiki sessions too. It's noteworthy to point out that I started Soul Alchemy (what I call my healing services delivered through channeling & guided meditation), and with that I do Shadow Work and other methods where I invite spirits to guide me. To date, I've encountered attachments to past life karma and attachments to entities (including one from another dimension) while giving someone Reiki. I never imagined I'd have such experiences, yet here we are...

   So the bottom line is that it's most effective when you work with it more often. It's no wonder though why so many clients & Healers are turned away by not feeling any results - they just weren't ready for it. But the only sad part about that is seeing that divide wherein people don't want to believe in it. I choose to carry that burden of picking up on people's past lives, holding someone's hand through addressing their past trauma, and giving messages from spirits that they may or may not listen to -- because I enjoy it. I think it's only realistic to say that a lot of other Reiki Practitioners don't necessarily want to do this for others because they don't want those experiences, which is fine too. I've trained alongside many good Healers who only wanted to work on themselves; proving there's many more energy workers out there than you can possibly imagine.

   So if you've ever had a negative experience with Reiki, or feel any reason to doubt yourself, I hope something I wrote here is helpful to you. I'm working on delivering Reiki certifications online using a class delivery with 1-on-1 attunement sessions and welcome those that may be interested to check out my website. If you want to try a Reiki appointment online with me, you can use the coupon code "TRY-REIKI" when you book online for $40 off.

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