Life Lessons (Revisited)

     Anytime I've ignored or shut down any Intuitive thoughts that I've had, the universe has always played it out in front of me to prove to me that I should've listened. I can't even begin to tell you how many times this has been true, and it also happens in routine every-day scenarios with messages such as "turn here instead", and "don't go here now.. come back later". Any Intuitive will affirm that every message has a purpose and origin, and it's part of our journey to sometimes learn the hard way that our Intuition is, in fact, correct. When I think back at how many times I've avoided life-altering (in a negative way) situations because I did follow my Intuition, it proves that time and time again I have no reason to doubt myself or my abilities.

     There's one particular car accident that I'm currently reflecting on, and it's only because that was the only road-incident in which my husband was with me and can confirm all the details. On more than three occasions now, I've been stuck in a situation where a car or large object was about to crash into me, but my Intuition always took over (or, in one instance - an invisible force jerked the wheel out of my control) and saw me move out of the way just in time to avoid the collision. About 8 years ago, my husband and I were travelling on a highway when my attention was suddenly drawn to a pickup truck that was merging on, a couple cars ahead of me. Whomever it was had obviously just purchased a new bed, but obviously did not think they had to secure it down in the bed of their truck. I took my foot off the gas pedal, feeling the tension & unease of what may happen... but needless to say, it was inevitable.

     Moments later, I slammed on my brakes in enough time to watch both the mattress and boxspring lift up out of the truck. They flew straight up in the air, with the mattress seemingly about to hit the overpass just ahead, then began to come barreling down towards us. My attention was then drawn to the jeep in front of me... who could not avoid the collision at this point unless he took a hard turn into the ditch. As brakes starting screeching to a halt behind me, we sat and watched the whole scene play out -- the boxspring found it's way onto the shoulder of the highway (thankfully), but the mattress came flying towards the jeep; hitting it's roof so hard that a corner caught one of the roof mounts and tore it off, leaving a hole... then bouncing back up in the air again before landing on the road, just inches in front of my car.

     Let's be honest: there's something about being this type of person that allows us to spring into action without hesitation. My husband was frozen in the passengers seat, processing what he saw, while I had already geared into park and was out of the car - going to check on the driver of the jeep. The driver was in shock and dismay, only discovering the extent of the damage once he could get out and collect himself. As I've always done in these situations; I stuck around to make sure everyone was okay and to give a statement and my information before moving on with my day. But I have to admit, that like with any similar situation, I walked away with an anger towards people that appear careless / selfish; the truck never even attempted to slow down or stop -- it continued down the highway as if nothing had ever happened, and as if the driver somehow did not see the chaos occur in it's rearview mirrors.

     This incident occurred a couple years before I actually found out that I am an Intuitive Empath... and I think it goes without saying, but I just chalked it all up to fast thinking and luck on my part - as I've always concluded such scenarios to be. But when it gets to a point where you realize that nothing ever surprises you.. you begin to wonder why you're always able to know... and THAT'S when the pieces slowly started to come together to wake me up. Most of us don't realize that not everyone has the same, in-depth perspective that we do, and for some of us, our job is to teach other people to gain this perspective. Once you're at a point of realizing and accepting this, you begin to accept that everything happens for a reason and that life is meant to be full of lessons!

     Ever since that time, I've learned to let go of anger. Not just for my own sake - since carrying anger has been identified as a major cause for the anxiety I used to constantly struggle with - but for the sake of allowing these people their learning opportunity. Be it karma that runs it course, or perhaps even the sheer fact that the incident itself will (eventually, even if not right now) serve up a hard life lesson to them... the truth is that no one ever truly gets away with their wrongdoings. Even I, having played my part in accidents and honest mistakes, needed to take time to visit and make amends with those parts of my past. Carrying negative emotions and leaving things unsaid have proven to be factors that hold people back from being their best selves and that ends up controlling the mind.

     And at the same time... I also realized that I needed to let go because I can't possibly help everyone and everything. If you're at all like me, then you care too much about your mistakes, how people perceive you, and how you can help others. This combination is a weight that's too much to bare, and it takes a few lessons - where we're face-to-face with the unappreciative; or simply seeing your efforts produce results you weren't intending - to finally see the needed boundaries. Since boundary setting was one of the first steps in my journey to recovery, I highly recommend and teach such to all my clients at the beginning of their journey. The more boundaries I set, the clearer my channels became... and I know it's energetic detachment that allows one to see more clearly. If you don't know to do this, then it's hard to imagine it's even possible! (Trust me, I used to be a skeptic!)

     But first and foremost, my life lessons shaped me into the person I am today. Without being in these intense and life - threatening & altering situations, I never would've begun to think that fate is real and there's a higher power that we can't see. If I hadn't have been burned by ignoring my Intuitive thoughts and supporting those with ulterior motives, I never would've learned how to identify energies and trust my Intuition (the gut feeling that originally told me to run the other direction). And even when it comes to the more painful events - such as losing a loved one, starting anew with a life transformation, changing my mindset from a negative toxic one to a positive one - it taught me that I'm stronger and more capable then I'd ever give myself enough credit for. Onward and upward is the only way, but even now... I know more lessons will come my way and it's a willingness to allow these developments that see's me through the difficulties.

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