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Calling all EMPATHS!

Make this the year that you learn to take back control!

The journey begins when we experience a form of awakening...
This tends to come when we face a monumental life change or a reconsideration of our path.

   Regardless of our age and how established our life already is, a new change in perspective - and shift in our outlook and values - knocks down the door and opens our eyes and mind.

   Then you begin to notice how much others' thoughts, feelings, and experiences have always affected your own life. You were always the shoulder to cry on, the dependable companion, the one with reliable & sage advice, and a complete natural at all of it.

   This is our gift: the ability to naturally heal others. As channels for insight and Divine guidance, we can be magnetic to those that are suffering or in need of a friend. This can be a burden, but only when we're in need of all that we're giving out and spending energy on.

It's time for you to UNLEASH yourself and take back control!

   There's a life change to be found in taking back control by adopting basic spiritual practices. I remember being reluctant because I had no previous beliefs, and even wondered if so many people discovering they are Empaths made it something bigger than it was meant to be. 

But do you want to know a little secret? 

   We're ALL energetic beings with spiritual roots! Our ancestors practiced and believed, and through economic change and ridicule of the "unknown", we've lost touch with these truths about ourselves. A lot of us old souls can even dream about ages where we were shunned, burned, held captive, and worse.

THAT'S why it has all been so secretive until recently!

   Now, Earth is at a critical turning point. As we dive into technological advancements, face the possibility of war and the extinction of many species in the near future, and feel ripples of hate & pain throughout globe, it's very troublesome. More of us are awakening now because we need to step up and help -- in whatever way suits our gifts and personalities.

Now for another few "secrets":

You ARE able to protect yourself from absorbing others' energy.

You ARE able to instantly re-center and refocus yourself despite your surroundings.

You ARE able to connect, communicate and heal with Divine assistance.

   You may not even realize that you've been able to subconsciously do this in times of dire need! It's simpler than you think when you allow yourself to open up and fully experience it. :)

Learn how to do the above in this FREE 3-day online Masterclass:

UPDATE: Since this Masterclass took place live in February 2020, the recordings are now available for download on my website.

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