The Power of Meditation

    With the recent developments that saw me starting my own business, I've also developed a lot more spiritually. The journey is never-ending - the mysterious and adventurous fact about our lives! No matter how much I accomplish, learn, and develop myself, I always see opportunity to achieve more of that. Such as it is; I wanted to ensure I am as knowledgeable as I can be with deciding to launch my business, so I decided to undertake as MANY courses as possible. Learning so much from so many different teachers and mentors has been an exhilarating experience that honestly proved one thing to myself: That was only the beginning as far as my gifts are concerned. My post-attunement period (the body changes that followed), and further working with Reiki and crystals (getting used to the sensations and guidance), brought the expected shifts... but it wasn't quite as powerful as the work I did after this time period!

    I'm sharing all these details NOT to brag - but to show to you that more is possible!

    Through doing Goddess Resonance and Channeling practices, I've found (and felt) my Third Eye open up more - making things more certain, to say the least. By working on my emotions and Inner Child through meditations, I've found a sense of righteousness, control and calm that I previously struggled to possess. Doing all of this work made me realize a great many things... truthfully, some of which makes me want to re-write this whole blog! Not at all to say that I want to ERASE everything I've published, but rather to provide an update on certain posts. In the months to come, I hope to share these "updates" in full. Until then, I will share one thought I had theorized before and now believe to be true: being an Intuitive / Empath is the beginning of your journey. With spiritual guidance, a willingness to develop & practice, and the proper activations - you can become a gifted Claircognizant / Clairsentient (and more).

    Many of my recent reflections [on how far I've come] made me realize something about the topic of choice here -- meditation. Without it, I wouldn't be where I am today! Even though I had tried to meditate when I was younger, it was never something I had a good experience with; my mind wandered and I couldn't sit still long enough to truly try. As this was my previous experience, I wasn't keen on the idea anytime it was suggested to me [as a self-care practice]. It wasn't until my late-20's, after I had my "wake up call", that I successfully meditated for the first time. (And yes - I actually wasn't too keen on the idea this time either, but I knew I had to try.) This time; it was a group meditation led by a Master Intuitive & Healer that I was seeing... and I had no idea what to expect or do. Nevertheless, I left that evening with full insight into who I am, even if I hadn't realized it yet - all thanks to what I experienced during this meditation!

    No doubt, there are many different [guided] meditations out there; but you don't necessarily need for it to be guided to be successful. But I will say that having the guidance was likely the reason why I was finally able to do it - so I would recommend this route if you have trouble doing it on your own. My first meditation was "straight forward"... It was a trip to my Sanctuary wherein I found and explored my soul's home. Not so surprisingly the home itself was in shambles and void of anything significant (including colour), but the backyard was the "home" I longed for -- nothing but green grass, tall trees [surrounding the area], wild flowers and wild animals everywhere. It was nothing short of encouraging considering the guidance; I had been upset with my experience of exploring my home and actually ran out into the backyard before we were instructed to explore it.

    This was when I found my form of tranquility. Nothing felt more right than being in that backyard! I recall that as I walked out to explore it, my viewpoint changed as well; I was suddenly looking at myself meditating in that backyard while the wild animals surrounded me and played. I remember this felt like true bliss to me, and was the monumental point in realizing I could meditate. As the meditation wrapped up, I felt emotional and drained, but full of visions and questions. Since I left that evening feeling frazzled, I took the experience lightly in hopes of seeing what would follow after that. Wow, was I ever surprised by this too!

    I think it's important to note that at this point in time, I had been told of my gifts but I did not know if I believed in them [and I wasn't actively trying to develop them]. I was at the stage of coming to terms with who I am, but I was just trying to manage and get through life as an Empath. I did NOT think I would become a healer, or someone that actively talks to spirit guides - in fact, I didn't think I was capable of that! Doing this guided meditation only proved to myself that I had the ability to relax & reflect, and that I apparently had a very vivid imagination. It wasn't until things started occurring afterward that I began to accept belief in all things spiritual, and that I was capable of more than I thought possible...

    One thing that has been prominent in my life since this meditation are red cardinals (yes, the birds). On the way to finding our soul's home, we were walking a path through the woods and were prompted to stop and observe any wildlife present. For me: this was a red cardinal sitting in a tree, that watched me and sang. I thought nothing of this until they started showing up in other places - my backyard [at home], and in my dreams. I had wrote it all off to being a coincidence as they showed in significance (example: 3 birds in triangle formation) in my dreams... But the physical appearances have swayed me to think there's something more to this. Not only have I been able to witness them on a near-daily basis throughout the Spring & Summer months, but these friend(s) make appearances throughout the Fall & Winter - seemingly as if to remind me they're still around.

    Regardless of the why, how, etc., I take the time to appreciate their presence and take it as a reminder that I am Divinely guided. Secondary to noticing the significance of my new friends, there was something that occurred during my first meditation and persisted during my following meditations -- a strong, wild sensation in my hands and Third Eye. I could only describe this sensation as "burning"; I felt a pulsing heat overtake my palms and forehead, which caused sweating on those areas. I thought it was happening because I found myself warm and [physically] uncomfortable, and wrote this sensation off. It wasn't until I brought it up in one of my Intuitive Counselling sessions that it was explained to me - I was just showing the signs of a healer. In retrospective: I can say that I was experiencing the sensations of my Third Eye opening, and my body's ability to channel Reiki... I just didn't recognize it at the time!

    Ever since my first attunement to Reiki, meditation has brought a whole new meaning to my life. On one hand, it's a great practice for reflection and self-care purposes - doing some soul searching on feelings, truths, or simply finding a way to quiet the mind for a bit. On the other hand, meditation has served as a tool to further develop my abilities. While I can't give away all the secrets, I can say I've come to learn that meditation (with certain rituals, invocations, channeling methods, and using specific mantras) has become a necessity for the healer I've developed into. Deciding to work with a mentor that has provided more activations and guidance on how to do these meditations (example: Akashic Records) has opened a door that I didn't know I was in front of -- and it is exhilarating to explore and just as exciting to know that I can pass this on.

Bottom line: No matter where you are in your journey, know that anything is possible if you seek it out!

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