How To Light The Fire

   Between life, working on migrating this blog, studying/training for, and setting up my business, I've hardly wanted to make time to write. We've all been in this state and we know it's a telltale sign of potential burnout - rather: a sign of needing (self-)help! So I do what I know to do in these situations: I take a big step back, reflect on my thoughts and priorities, and push forward using a plan that works for me. Sometimes, doing the planning work to make tasks sound simpler is the added incentive you need!

   What started as a busy year came to a halt for me on the very first weekend as my dog became very ill. It was an overnight onset too, which sent emotions spiralling as we spent the following days in and out of various vet offices; and him needing to be kept on oxygen. Despite this and the precautionary warning, I kept telling myself he's going to pull through this. I even did the one thing I never truly do - I prayed.

   As some background information: I have a rescue dog. I did not adopt him from any association, but I do know that's the only place he would've made it if I didn't have him myself. After seeing him "for free" in an ad online, I rushed over to get him without any thought or question. It wasn't until I got him home that I realized: he has baggage and a sad history. 

   It took months before things settled into the family unit that we are now, and it only improved over time. Seeing his resilience makes every moment and decision worth it, and serves as a constant reminder to adopt such traits myself. Now (10 years later), my little man enjoys everything - our cottage vacations, running around our backyard (aka. chasing squirrels), rolling in the snow, having tug wars with his toy, and napping - all incomplete without the moments where he approaches and wants affection; scratches, belly rubs, and kisses. 

   Another crucial lesson to be learned from dogs: Stop to appreciate the little moments! But enough about that...

   I mention this information to identify the difference between the dog I brought home and the dog he is today. Knowing this has been all the affirmation I need when I wonder if I've done everything I can for him. Truthfully, I've only asked myself that lately with this recent event... Just as it is with humans: such life events with pets can be just as hard to deal with, and it stops us so that we take time to reflect and possibly rearrange our priorities. For me: this was easy to do because my mission (for him) is to ensure my dog lives as happily, and as long, as possible. 

   Maybe it's simply because this happened, or maybe it's because this event has served as a reminder - time moves too fast for us to ponder anything. Sometimes it takes this realization to decide that even in the most inopportune times, you need to go with what you want. Before this event, I had started working on my business website and was planning to (finally!) register for certification in Reiki.... But I wasn't sure if I could either financially afford to pursue it full-time, or be in the right frame of mind to do so.

Then I remembered: my gifts are always there, regardless of what's happening to me. We all know that that's usually the ailment that plagues us early on as "mental illness" - when we ignore or cannot decipher our gift(s), and slowly spiral into depression. Much like my prayers of "he will get through this", I decided I can control as much of this as possible by moving forward and remaining positive. With that, I decided there actually WASN'T a better time for me to learn Reiki, as that would mean I could provide healing energy to my dog!

     Finding a positive in a negative isn't easy, but there's always one. 
It's simply the truth behind "everything happens for a reason".

   Even in my exhaustion from this event, I KNEW I needed to be doing this and NOW - for me, for him, and for all the people I will have the privilege of servicing. My persistence to move forward also saw me finishing up my business website not long after getting certified in Reiki, and then I started to source equipment and re-arrange my house for a public room.

   In the end, I also have to say I'm (mostly) persuaded that my positive outlook and determination for the best results helped play a part in everything that happened - my little man is home and is as healthy as he can be (for a 12.5 year old), I'm officially in business this week, and life carries on. More than anything, I see there's never any use to doubt of negative thoughts or talk - if you don't allow it, you literally avoid as much of it as you can! :)

Whatever your reasoning, and however you need to find the means to do it, just make sure you do it!

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