Fun Confessions #1

Happy Halloween!!

I have long since thought of this fun little idea and decided "why not share some of my spooky stories" for my first edition! Throughout the years, I've had some questionable experiences that I can only explain as paranormal. Feel free to have your own take on it... I'm just going to leave some here ;)

  When I was a kid, I found I was curious about the occult and paranormal. I don't recall anything particular happening to me, nor did I have an invisible friend, but they were things I wanted to read about or watch.

Ghosts scared me, but I wanted a Ouija board... and I got one!

  I don't know if I necessarily recommend using one. I have read how the spiritual explanation of it has been dissected & discounted, but I feel I have enough experience to believe otherwise. Sometimes I had a willing friend with me, and sometimes I would persuade an unwilling sibling to let me borrow their hand... so I didn't necessarily ever suspect someone of controlling it. I cannot think of any one particular incident, simply because the "big" one I have in mind is simply up for debate (there is a possibility a third party played a part in the experience by adding a sound effect)... but I will share what I recall it being like to use.

   There were times where it just didn't work. Something either about the place or timing, but there was the rare occasion were it just wouldn't move... or would move so slowly that I just said "goodbye". I was able to get a lot of activity in my bedroom at night though, no matter who was with me. One conversation stands out for me because it was actually pretty normal - it seemed that I was interviewing someone that passed; I learned their name, age at death, how they died, where they had lived, and so on. The reason this stood out is because the information wasn't something either participant could've made up and fully spelled out; which was enough proof to me that there wasn't a string being pulled!

   Most seem to just want to talk, while some then start making no sense at all. I've had instances where I've had to stop because it was moving out of control - sometimes moving so fast that we could hardly keep our fingers on it. With this activity, I have had it shoot off the board... and yes, when it starts "going nuts" like this, I allow it to stop then walk away

   This was a mere curiosity I had in my years before becoming a teenager, and I honestly haven't been face-to-face with a board since. Take what you will from this, but I do think there's more to it than some may believe!

  I have had many moments in life that scare me, and sadly I have to admit that they all happen in the dark. Seeing a shadow over my bed or in the corner was something that happened a lot as a kid... and sent me retreating under my sheets. Should I ever feel suddenly uneasy (like feeling watched) when I'm alone and in the dark, I start to panic a bit; and I clearly have my own reasons. It never fails... I'm always alone when things happen to me! I actually have 2 stories I will share that have happened to me within the last few years.. both occurred when I was home alone:

   There was one evening where I was going down to the basement to do laundry. The room with the laundry machines is also the same space as the water heater and such - which (as I'm sure most find) can be a little jarring when it turns on. I arrived with my basket of laundry and flipped the light switch... only for the bulb to flicker and struggle. This was unusual because we're talking about 2 fluorescent tube bulbs, and not just simple (60W) bulbs... not to mention that this had never happened before [and yes: this never recurred]. 

   This stirred something in me too, and I immediately began to feel unsafe. At this point, my attention was drawn to the corner - I heard something move and hit the water heater; which, to this day, I pray was only a mouse. 

That was enough to scare me!

   I instinctively wanted to scream at this point. I don't know why, or if I even wanted to do it (running was a thought!), but it happened. I yelled "Stop it!". As soon as the words left my mouth, a few things happened simultaneously: the flickering bulbs fully lit up, the water heater kicked on, and the gloomy feeling of being watched went away.

   I did manage to get my laundry finished, but I made sure I was never alone in the basement after this night!

   Another experience of mine is a rather quick story, but is one that played a part in proving that I should trust my instincts. To this day, I actually don't even know if I acted on the correct impulse.. but I had reacted based on how I felt. Once again, it was night-time, and I was getting ready to go to bed. My dog has his own bed in the bedroom; and I've always felt a sense of safety due to that because he is the type to suddenly growl at things in the middle of the night. A lot of the time, his growling is followed by the hint of skunk spray we can smell from outside... but sometimes I've watched him growl at the corner or ceiling. It freaks me out, only because I don't know what he's experiencing. But we all know dogs are also good at picking up energy, so I do believe they're possibly growling at something we can't see!

   On this particular night though, I was surprised he had no reaction - although possible because he was asleep. I remember turning off all the lights and heading to the bedroom, and as I entered.. I suddenly felt unsafe. It's a hard feeling to reflect on because it's a mix of feeling watched, feeling uneasy, and scared from not knowing what's happening. I only had my lamp on in the room so the light was dim, but still bright enough to see the whole room. For some reason, my attention was drawn to the corner by my side of the bed - and I see what looks like a faint shadow there. Similar to my last story, this ends when I finally unfreeze enough to say "Go away!". In all honesty, this was an impulse move on my part.. but once again, the unsafe feeling was immediately gone, and I swear that shadow I thought I saw disappeared.

I hope you enjoyed this first edition of Fun Confessions!
Stay tuned for the next one as I will share some stories of me predicting for others.

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