Started under anonymity on January 1st, 2018, Empath Confessions was a hobby with one simple goal - to be of comfort and guidance to anyone who could relate to any of its content. The continuous uptick in views is what keeps me writing while I continue on my path as a Healer. :)          (blog banner from 01/2021)

   From an early age, Ashley was able to pick up on and feel others' emotions in addition to seeing and receiving messages from spirits. Not having any proper support to identify or empower these abilities, in addition to a rough upbringing filled with traumatic memories, caused her to attribute everything to the mental illnesses she was consequently treated for. There's no doubt that her PTSD was real, but little did she realize she could change her life by empowering her spiritual gifts...

   Ashley Tilson was your average 27-year-old female on the outside... but on the inside, she felt completely stuck. Despite working up the courage to sever ties to unhealthy relationships a couple of years prior, she was struggling with many things - her weight, her unhealthy lifestyle choices & addictions, her career choices, and most of all - her mentality. Just as she was beginning to believe she was destined to a life of negative circumstances & outcomes, something happened one night that began to change everything she ever believed.

   While Ashley believes Awakening comes as a process, she notes it always has a significant starting point. She recalls waking up one morning with a new perspective and drive, literally feeling as if someone hit a switch in her brain overnight, and the first thing she thought to herself was "Things have to change". She felt like a firecracker that was ready and eager to overcome her struggles, one by one. Over the course of a couple of years, she achieved her weight loss goal, underwent groundbreaking therapy that addressed past abuse, and began changing her every-day as she reconnected with all the truths she kept buried with her past.

   But then came a point where she couldn't figure out her place in this world. She wasn't religious or spiritual but was beginning to realize there's a lot more out there. The question "What is my purpose?" was repeating in her mind daily - and somehow, she just knew going to see a psychic would be the only way to answer that question.

This marked the turning point that sent Ashley down her Healing path;
the biggest transformation that she has experienced to date! 

   As she began exploring her spiritual path, she began writing her own journal.. but in such a way of summarizing all the information she wished she had before. Then at the beginning of 2018, she worked up the courage to post these writings publicly online and hit 'publish' on this blog. Ever since then, it's been a wild ride as she pursued further training and empowered herself in ways she never imagined possible. She continues to use this blog as a format to share her spiritual journey and connect with those alike.

   She is now certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Healing Practitioner, and Priestess of Light, and is a registered Practitioner with the Canadian Reiki Association. She utilizes various healing methods in her Intuitive Healing business including [but not limited to] Reiki, Inner Child workCord Cutting/Cleansing, Ego Alchemy (Shadow Work), Soul Retrieval, Light Body Activations, and - a method she developed for an early client's needs - Relationship Alchemy. She continues new studies while she offers her services and writes for the blog in her free time.

   Now in her mid-30s, Ashley lives with her husband and dog in their countryside home in Lyn, Ontario, Canada. She offers appointments online and in-person (with precautions due to COVID-19) along with Packages and Training programs. She welcomes her readers to connect with her and sends her sincerest gratitude to all for their ongoing support -- it's because of you that this blog keeps going! 😇 

You can learn more about Ashley Tilson's services on her website.
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Disclaimer: All information shared within the blog (as referenced to client's experiences and coaching) are used with permission. No material from this blog can be shared without Ashley's permission.

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